How to keep a long distance relationship alive

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long distance relationship It’s hard to keep things interesting when you’re in a long distance relationship because it’s harder to interact with your partner. You need to make an effort to be a part of their life while also keeping the sexual spark alive which can be difficult when you’re so far apart. It’s important to focus on the personal aspect of the relationship but also the sexual aspect if you want to keep things balanced and running smoothly.

Skype is a great way to keep in touch with your partner and have hot sex while not being together. Don’t make it all about sex though because you’ll lose the close feeling you have with them. Talk about what went on during the day, their plans for the weekend and things like that so you can still be a part of their daily life. Share what’s going on with you and don’t have sex every time you Skype because you don’t want it to become routine. When you do have cybersex make sure that you don’t rush it and that you change things up now and again by using toys or doing role-plays.

Sexting is a quick and easy way to be intimate with your partner when you can’t physically be with them. Don’t make it a planned thing because being spontaneous is more exciting so send them a naughty text when you know it’s a good time for them. You could do it when they’re on a lunch break or when they get home from work. Start out slowly by saying that you miss them then move on to saying you wish they were with you because you can think of a few things you’d like to do with them. Take your time turning her on so she can ease into the fantasy before you send her any naked pictures because women prefer mental stimulation.

Sending gifts through the mail could be a fun way to add excitement to your relationship. The presents don’t have to be big or expensive because what matters is that they get your partner’s attention. You could send a naughty pair of panties, nipple clamps for her to use during sex or it could be something romantic like jewelry. Write a little note that says you’ve been thinking about them and that you miss them to remind them that you still care about them.

Make plans to see your partner when there’s a holiday weekend or when you’ve got time off work because even seeing them for only a few days can help strengthen the relationship. When you’re planning a visit you could make a countdown calendar for the two of you with fun activities as a lead up to seeing each other. It can be as long as you want and could include activities likes one Skype show of submission, telling each other what you miss most about them or doing one thing for your partner. Have fun with it and think about what both of you would enjoy doing.

Use Skype and sexting to keep in touch with each other and make sure that sex is still a part of the relationship. Show that you’re still committed to them by talking often and giving them presents for anniversaries or just as a surprise. If you make an effort then they’ll feel appreciated and will do the same in order to make the relationship work.

Katy Benett