Kissing tips for men: How to be a better kisser

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Giving a Sexy KissThere’s nothing like a sexy kiss to get you and your partner in the mood but the wrong technique could turn her off completely. Anyone can be a good kisser if they learn a few different techniques and are willing to see what their partner enjoys. After a little bit of practicing you can make her weak in the knees with just one hot kiss.

One of the most unattractive things in the world is bad breath and as soon as you make your move she’s going to lose interest in kissing you. If you know things are going to end up with kissing and hopefully more than do the simple things like brushing your teeth and chewing gum before it gets to that point. Most dates involve going out for dinner or having a quick bite to eat somewhere so be careful what you eat and avoid anything spicy or smelly because that’s going to overwhelm her senses when you’re kissing her. By making sure your breath smells good you’re going to make her want to kiss you and for more than just a quick peck on the lips.

A good kisser uses more than just their mouth to make the moment feel sensual so remember to use eye contact and your hands. Keep eye contact with her as you move in for the kiss so she feels connected to you then close them as your lips touch. Never look at her during a kiss because people instinctively closes their eyes when kissing and it will make her feel uncomfortable if you look at her. Instead keep your eyes closed and lose yourself in the moment. Use your hand to gently hold her chin or stroke her cheek when you’re kissing to keep contact with her and to make the moment feel more intimate. You could also hold her by the hip and make body contact with her as a silent hint that you’d like to feel more of her.

French Kissing is known as the sexiest can you can do but you should avoid it unless you know your partner would enjoy that type of intimate kiss or if you’re in the middle of a hot make-out session. Having a tongue pushed into your mouth unexpectedly can be a huge turn off and if you do that to her she’s going to want to stop kissing you. It’s better to wait for her to make the first move when it comes to French Kissing so you know that it’s something she wants to do. A good kisser lets things happen naturally and doesn’t act too forceful by going straight for a passionate kiss. Keep your mouth closed and your lips puckered because an open mouth on first contact might throw her off because she’ll have her mouth that way. Use a light amount of pressure and gradually kiss her harder as your arousal grows. This will ease her into the moment and let the feeling build inside her.

A hot kiss involves gentleness and a soft desire for more so pay attention to how you’re kissing her. Make sure you smell good because she’s going to be close to you and take things slow so the moment can build into something more passionate. Use a small amount of pressure and use your hands to increase the amount of contact between the two of you. A sexy kiss can lead to things going further so think about how you can improve your kissing technique.

Katy Benett