A perfect date night: 7 tips for the perfect massage technique

August 20, 2016 Posted in Adult Dating Guide by No Comments

A sensual body massageAfter you’ve been together for a while you might find yourself running out of ideas for date night. Instead of going out to yet another restaurant or movie you could try a quiet night at home. Give her a sensual body massage that will make her feel relaxed and sexy because this could lead to an even hotter night.

1) Make her comfortable

You want her to be comfortable during the massage so she can really relax and focus on how good you’re making her feel. You can give her the massage in bed so afterwards it’s easy to transition to sex. Put clean sheets on it and make sure there’s a soft pillow for her to rest her head on. Keep the temperature in the room warm so she doesn’t get cold.

2) Set the mood

You want her to feel safe and warm during her sensual massage so set the mood by dimming the lights and lighting some candles. Make sure the candles aren’t too close to the bed because you don’t want to accidentally knock them over. You could also play some soft music if you think she’d like that or you could let her enjoy the massage in peace and quiet.

3) Undress Her

Look after her as soon as things start by undressing her. You do all the work and start by taking off her top then slowly move down to her trousers. When she’s down to her bra and panties give her little touches there and tell her that tonight you want to make her feel good. This will help her get in the mood and look forward to the night ahead.

4) Use lightly scented massage oil

It’s best to use lightly scented massage oil when giving an erotic massage because it helps your hands glide more smoothly over their skin. A neutral scent like vanilla is best and avoid using anything too strongly scented because it can become overwhelmingly. You want her focused on what you’re doing to her instead of wondering how long the scent will linger or feeling sick from it.

5) Use even rubbing motions

Massage her with slow even rubbing motions instead of rough quick ones. The point is to give the same amount of attention to every inch of her body and these movements will help loosen up her muscles. Press your fingers lightly into her then gradually increase pressure as you massage her. You should be able to feel her muscles relax so try a couple of different pressures until you find which ones she likes.

6) Don’t focus on one spot

Her back is the biggest part of her body so you might be tempted to start there but you should start by massaging her feet then slowly move your way up her body. Massage the back of her thighs before focusing on her back. Re-apply the massage oil as you massage her so that the gliding sensation of your hands covers her entire body.

7) Take your time

Make sure you touch every part of her and listen to the sounds she makes because if she sounds happy then she wants you to keep in the spot that you’re massaging for a bit longer.

Katy Benett