Is she really interested in you or just using you?

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Hookup SitesIt’s hard to know what women are really thinking, especially if it’s someone you’ve met on hookup sites because you won’t be interacting with them in person as much. A lot of communication will be done online so you need to pay close attention to the things she writes in her messages and the way she acts when she does get to spend time with you. The last thing you want to do is end up with someone who’s just using you which means you need to know if she’s really interested in you before things go too far.

Her messages that she sends to you will say a lot more than what’s just written and you need to read between the lines. If her messages are short and impersonal then she’s just using you and doing the least amount of work she can to keep things going. She might be using you because she wants attention or she could be scamming you for money so see if she complains a lot about being broke or not being able to afford to see you. If she is then it might be time to end things. If she asks questions about you or is interested in your life goals then she’s trying to get to know you better so she can decide if you’re right for her. This is the type of woman you want to be spending your time with.

The amount of attention she gives you is a good indicator of how she feels about you. Is she always putting off spending time with you or tuning out when you’re having a conversation with her? Then that’s a sign she’s only seeing you when it’s convenient for her and she doesn’t care about your feelings. Another thing to watch out for is a woman who’s always asking you for favors but is never there to help you. This is a clear sign that she just sees you as someone who’s there to make her life easier. However, if she listens to what you say and remembers things that are important to you like a project at work then it shows that she cares about you as a person. She understands that a relationship is a two way street and she taking things seriously.

The way the two of you spend your time together could also give you a clue about her true intentions. Is she interested in doing things as a couple that you both enjoy or is she only interested in doing things that she likes? If your dates are all about her then she’s probably just using you so you’ll pay for dinner and whatever activities the two of you are doing. A woman who’s genuinely interested in you will want to do things that strengthen your relationship and will want to do things that you enjoy too because it will help her feel closer to you.

Before you start to develop serious feelings for someone you need to know for sure if she’s really interested in you or if she’s just using you. A lot of women you meet on sex dating sites are genuine and would love to find a great guy to spend time with but there are those who are looking for a man they can use for their own desires. Take a careful look at the relationship so far and see if she’s doing anything that makes you feel unimportant. If she is then consider ending things with her but if she isn’t then keep the relationship going.

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