Simple things you need to know about anal sex

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Having wild sex and anal sexThere are lots of ways for you and your partner to have wild sex; you could try using sex toys, you could explore kinks, you could have a threesome or you could try anal sex. If you’re interested in trying anal sex then it’s a good idea to learn about it so that it’s a good first experience for both of you.

The first thing you need to do is think of safety. This means using lots of lube and it’s best to use one that is water based. If you’re fingering her to help loosen her up before things go further than you need to make sure your nails are trimmed because you could scratch her and the smallest cut could get infected. It’s also important to listen to her during sex so you know if she wants to stop or needs you to do something different.

Anal sex is something that you need to work towards and doing it spontaneously one night increases your chances of not enjoying it because it’s too painful. Start small with anal play by fingering your partner’s ass so they can get used to being touched there. Remember to use lube and when she starts to loosen up try adding a second finger so she can eventually get to the point of being able to handle something as big as a dick. Scissor your fingers gently inside her to stretch her hole open.

Using anal toys when you’re not having anal sex is a way to get your partner used to the idea of it and help them be more ready for it when the time comes. Butt plugs are a great anal training toy and she can wear one when you’re doing other things in bed or she could wear it during the day so she’s ready for anal when it’s time to have sex. She can do this if she’s never had anal before or if she’s only done it a few times before.

It’s best not to insert the entire dick during anal because most of the nerve endings are around her hole and the head of his dick. These are the areas that need the most sensation so shallower thrusts will result in them getting the most pressure and friction. This is also a good way for her to get used to the feeling of being penetrated back there and you can slowly build up to inserting more. Make sure your thrusts are steady and slow because quick, hard jabs can be painful for her. Wait until she’s into it and begging you to go faster before you’re rougher with her.

It’s difficult for woman to orgasm during anal sex so to make it more pleasurable for her it’s a good idea to add stimulation. She can either touch herself while you’re fucking her or you can reach around and finger her. If you’re the one touching her then this will press your bodies closer together and you’ll be deeper in her which can feel better for both of you. Remember to use a different finger than the one you used in her ass to avoid spreading germs.

Take time to prepare her for having a dick where she’s not used to it by fingering her ass or using an anal toy on her. Remember to use lots of lube and start slow so she can get used to the feeling. If you make it feel good for her then she’ll want to do it again.

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