How to take and keep control over her during sex

June 11, 2016 Posted in Adult Dating Guide by No Comments

Control Over Her During Sex A lot of men who use adult dating sites are also interested in the idea of being the one completely in control during sex instead of the usual getting laid where both partners act as equals. It can be difficult however to be the one in charge if you don’t know what to do in the bedroom. You can keep control over your partner during sex by using non-physical and physical actions which will make her aware of just how strong and superior you are to her. You can start out by doing it in a gentle way so she doesn’t feel threatened or put off and take things further as she becomes more comfortable with it.

The best way to keep control is to assert your dominance from the very beginning so as soon as the two of you get into the bedroom you need to take the lead. Usually the lead up to sex is less intimate and there are a couple of non-physical things you can do in order to take control. When you’re undressing keep eye contact with her and tell her what you’re going to do to her or what you want her to do. Make sure you tell her what you want and never ask for it because then it gives the impression that she has a say in it. Your tone of voice is important for getting your message across so keep it even and deep; you want her to know that you’re in a mood for no nonsense. Use phrases like “I want you to…” or “You’re going to…” to give commands so she subconsciously feels like she can’t say “No.”

Now that you’ve got control you need to keep it and during sex is when you can become more physical with your dominance. Always be on top during sex and lean over her while you kiss and touch her instead of lying on your side and casually making out with her. When you’re having sex keep a firm grip on her by either holding her hip or pinning her arms down on the bed. If you choose to pin her arms down make sure you’re not doing it hard enough to make her want you to stop. You want her to enjoy this so she’ll be willing to do it again which means you need to pay attention to her body language. Sex involves both of you working together and one thing casually leads to another but this time you need to be the only one who’s calling the shots. You decide what sex acts happen and when without giving her a chance to take things in another direction. If she tries to regain control gently put her back in her place by either pushing her back down or saying “I’m not done with this yet.” You will then keep doing what you were doing before she interrupted you.

If you want to see for yourself how great sex can be when you’re the one in control then assert your dominance before sex starts. Act confident and use body language to show her that tonight it’s all about you. Once you’ve established your power keep it by physically dominating her by pinning her arms down while you fuck her and make sure that you’re always the one on top and deciding what’s happening. Taking control is a fun and easy way to bring excitement back into the bedroom and if you do it right then it can become a part of your sex life.

Katy Benett