Things that you should never say after sex

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Never say these things if it´s your first time After a hot sex session you’re on a high and feeling like things can’t get any better. You want that feeling to last but it can come to a quick end if you say the wrong thing and ruin the mood so you need to learn which topics to avoid. You also need to be extra careful when it’s your first time having sex with them because what you say could make them change their mind about hooking up with you again.

You should never say anything dismissive like “Thanks, that was good.” or “Maybe we can hook up again soon.”. This makes it sound like you’re trying to end things quickly and smoothly without hurting their feelings and this could make them feel rejected or like you just used them for sex. No one wants to feel that way after sex so if you’re tempted to say that then it’s best if you said nothing at all and let things end naturally.

Sometimes sex doesn’t go as well as we’d like and if that happens to you don’t apologize for it. The other person probably knows that it wasn’t great and you apologizing just makes the issue stand out even more. Instead of trying to fix the situation act like everything was normal and hope they don’t bring it up. They’re unlikely to do that because they don’t want to hurt your feelings and next time you have sex you can make sure it’s better. Try distracting them by doing a little after sex cuddling, lonely women love this and will increase the connection she feels with you.

No matter how good your new partner is in bed you should never tell them that they’re better than your ex or that they did something different. It will just make them think about your past and wonder why you’re thinking of someone else when you’re with them. Instead of saying “Wow, my ex never did that.”, say something that puts the attention on your current partner like “Wow, that was amazing. I really liked that thing you did.” This will make them feel good about themselves and make them look forward to having sex with you again.

“I love you.” is something that should be said with meaning and if you say it after sex it feels like you didn’t really think about it and that you just blurted it out. It can also make things awkward if you’re in a new relationship because the other person might not feel the same way or think that you’re rushing things. Never talk about the state of the relationship after sex and leave those moments for when you’re focused on each other like a romantic dinner. This will make it seem more serious and heartfelt instead of being something that was said in the heat of the moment.

It’s easy to get caught up in the moment and say something without thinking but you need to be careful when it comes to sensitive moments. Stay away from anything that makes it seem like you’re ready to end the night or that makes your partner feel unwanted. Doing this will help you enjoy the afterglow of sex and feel closer to your partner.

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