10 Reasons why women generally moan so loud during sex

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Female Ogasm A female orgasm is a strong feeling that fills her entire body and the lead up to the climax can be an overwhelming sensation. This tends to make women moan loudly during sex because it’s a natural response but there are a few other reasons why they might do this.

1) Loss of control

Moaning is a natural response, especially when something feels good so she might not even be aware that she’s doing it or how loud she’s being. When her senses are heightened she’ll experience some loss of control and this is one of the ways that her body will respond.

2) Faking it

They moan because they know that’s what’s expected of them and will use it to make you feel like the moment’s going good.

3) Pleasure and pain

Women will moan while they’re making love or having rough, kinky sex because of the feelings that are filling me. A moan of pleasure will be deeper because they’re giving into it while a moan of exciting pain will be sharper and louder because it’s unexpected.

4) Focused on the sensations

Some women might moan because it’s their way of staying focused on what they’re feeling and to stop from accidentally calling out the wrong name or saying dirty talk that doesn’t fit the mood. It’s their way of staying in the moment.

5) Telling you what she likes

When you do something that feels good she’ll moan to let you know she wants you to do it again. It sounds sexier and is easier than actually telling you what she likes. Her moans will tell you what to do during sex and what areas of her body to focus on.

6) To finish sooner

If she’s close to finishing or is starting to lose interest then she’ll moan loudly to make it clear to her partner that it’s time for the climax. She’ll do other things like move faster, gasp or pull him closer to her to add to her intentions so he’ll hurry up.

7) Ego boosting

Moaning is a verbal cue that men use to see how much their partner is enjoy sex and women know this so she might moan to make him feel better. She’ll moan loudly so he’ll notice it and become more confident in bed which could make sex better for her.

8) Slow things down

A moan could mean that she wants you to slow things down because she’s not at the same point you are. This type of moan will be loud but drawn out because she’s trying to make the moment last while hoping you take the hint she’s sending you.

9) More excitement

Wild sex is fun and she’ll use different ways to add excitement to it. This could be positions, toys, dirty talk and moaning. She’ll use moaning to express how she’s feeling and to show you just how much she loves it.

10) Intense feelings

Feelings will make her moan and the more intense they are the louder she’ll be. It will be overwhelming and she’ll need to express it because she’ll feel like she can’t take it anymore and moaning will help her relieve some of the pent up emotions she’s dealing with.

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