10 Signs she just sees you as friends with benefits, but you see her as more

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Friends with Benefits Relationship
A friends with benefits relationship can be an easy way to have sex without having to deal with commitment but there’s a problem if she’s into FWB relationships and you want more. The following are signs that you see the relationship differently than she does.

1) You want to go on dates

If she sees you as being friends with benefits then she’s going to keep things casual but if you want more then you’re going to want to go on real dates. You’ll ask her if she wants to go out for dinner or to go see a movie but she’ll want to do these things with a group of friends instead of being alone with you.

2) You don’t know her family

She won’t introduce you to her family or close friends because she doesn’t want you to become too involved in her life. You’ll only see her when you’re with mutual friends or when you’re having sex and that’s it.

3) You find ways to extend hookups

You’ll find ways to make your hookups last longer because you’re trying to ease her into a more serious relationship. You’ll hookup late at night so she’ll stay until morning and make her breakfast.

4) She flirts with other guys

You’ll get annoyed and try to change the subject when she brings up her dating life.

5) She’s not into kissing

Kissing is intimate and sensual so she might not be into kissing if she’s not serious about you. She’ll want to keep things strictly about sex and won’t do anything romantic like kissing or setting the mood with candles.

6) Your texts are thoughtful

You’ll send thoughtful texts to her, like asking her how her day is or wishing her good luck when something important is happening. Her texts to you will be simple and will be about when you’re going to hook up again.

7) You make plans

Your plans will include her and you genuinely hope she goes along with them instead of saying she’s not interested. She will only make plans that include you when she’s inviting other people and she won’t be disappointed when you can’t make it.

8) You think about her

She won’t think about you more now that you’re in a FWB relationship but you’ll find yourself thinking about her all the time. You’ll think about when you can see her again and what you can do with her because you miss her and can’t get enough of her.

9) She doesn’t want an STI test

She won’t bother taking an STI test or ask you to take one because she knows that you won’t be a regular sex partner and that she’ll always use protection with you. If she wanted a serious relationship with you she’d take more precautions and would consider going on the pill to avoid using condoms.

Katy Benett