11 Signs of a Passive-Aggressive Person

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Signs of Emotional Abuse in a Relationship Emotional abuse can come in different forms include passive aggressive behavior and it can have a big impact on your well-being. Instead of staying in victimhood you can learn what the signs a passive aggressive person will exhibit and see if there’s someone like this in your life.

1) They always want you to be grateful

They make comments about how good they are to you and that you’re lucky to be with them.

2) They never accept responsibility

A passive aggressive person will avoid taking responsibility for their actions because they want you to take the blame instead. This way they can feel superior while acting like they do everything perfectly.

3) They withhold things from you

They’ll deliberately withhold things from you, either affection or objects, as a way to keep you around because you’ll want these things. You keep telling yourself that it’s just a phase and they’ll change but they won’t.

4) They want all of your attention

They’ll want you to give them all of your attention while they don’t do the same in return. They get a rush from the attention and this is way they spend time with you, not because they genuinely like you.

5) It’s all about doing things their way

They want things done their way and they’re with you because they know you’re the type of person who’ll go along with it because you care about them and want to make them happy. They never care about what you want or ask for your opinion.

6) They make false promises

They’ll promise you things like a nice date or doing you a favor but they never follow through. This is because they know that by getting your hopes up you’ll be more patient with them because you think they care about you.

7) They don’t care about the aftermath

They’ll say or do things without thinking about the aftermath because they think that what they did is fine. It’s not their fault if someone has a problem with it and it’s the other person’s fault for reacting badly.

8) They take advantage of you

They’ll take advantage of you by acting like they’re your friend but it’s a one-sided friendship because you’re the one who’s always helping them out. They expect you to be there for them all the time and constantly ask for favors. They’ll emotionally abuse you by acting hurt if they feel like you’ve let them down.

9) They put things off

A way to keep someone in victimhood is to make them dependent on you and a passive aggressive person will use emotional control to keep you relying on them. They’ll put off things because the more you want it the more you’ll want to be with them in hopes of getting it.

10) Rapid mood changes

They’ll have rapid mood changes, going from happy to annoyed and you won’t know what’s coming next. This is because they have trouble controlling their emotions and feel like it’s okay to take it out on others.

11) They pout and whine

They’ll pout and whine when they don’t get their way because they know that over time you’ll get fed up of this and will do what you can to avoid them reacting this way. This is how they manipulate you into doing what they want and keeping you on edge.

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