7 Controlling Habits You Should Never Put Up With In a Relationship

January 7, 2017 Posted in Adult Dating Guide by No Comments

Controlling HabitsThere are certain controlling habits you should never put up with in a relationship because it isn’t healthy and can end up making you feel depressed or anxious. It’s normal to post pics as a couple on social media but it isn’t normal for her to control who you’re friends with on those sites. Watch her behavior and see if she’s taking things too far.

1) Choosing social media friends

You can add a girl as a friend or show her what you do online if you want to but she shouldn’t be able to control anything you do. Never give her your password and if she tries to guilt you into giving it to her tell her that she’s pushing your boundaries.

2) Texting back immediately

Texting back your partner is something you should do because you don’t want them to feel like you’re ignoring them but they should understand that sometimes you’re busy and can do that right away. If your partner demands that you text them back immediately and gets upset when you don’t then it shows that they don’t trust you and worry when you’re not in contact with them.

3) Deciding who you hang out with

No one should ever decide who you get to hang out with so if your partner is starting to control your social life then it’s time to talk to them about it. You’ve chosen your friends for a reason and you should be able to spend time with them even if she doesn’t like them. If she’s trying to isolate you from your friends then it’s because she wants to control you and you need to stop it.

4) Making all the plans

Letting her make all the plans and doing everything that she wants to do will lead to you being unhappy because your needs aren’t being met. She doesn’t show any care for your feelings when she does this and thinks you’re only there to make her happy. This isn’t a relationship and she’s just using you for her own needs.

5) Always interrupting you

Some people have a bad habit of interrupting other people when they’re talking but once it’s pointed out to them they make an effort to stop because they don’t want to be rude. Try this with your partner and see if it works because if it doesn’t then it’s because she thinks only her opinion matters. She’s trying to show you that she’s more important than you.

6) Belittling you in public

Someone doesn’t belittle their partner in public because it shows a lack of respect and it causes a divide in the relationship. Making harmless jokes is fine but if she deliberately tries to make you look stupid or useless in front of other people then she’s trying to make you feel worthless. It’s her way of showing you that you’re a loser and you should be grateful to be with her which is not healthy.

7) Wanting all of your attention

A mature adult understands that different areas of life, like friends and work, need attention and it’s unreasonable to expect someone to devote all their attention to their partner. If you feel like your partner gets angry whenever you want to do things you enjoy or if you need to focus more on work because they want to be with you then they’re too needy.

Katy Benett