7 Ways to Deal With Dishonest People

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Passive aggressive people Everyone will have to deal with a dishonest person at some point and it can be difficult to decide how to react to this situation. You could let it go or be passive aggressive. If you’ve met someone on adult dating sites like adultfrienfinder or have someone in your life that’s dishonest then consider doing the following to deal with it.

1) Let it go

If you think it’s a onetime thing or if the issue isn’t a big deal then let it go. There’s no point in getting upset about something that you don’t really care about and this will give you time to work on the relationship so this issue might be avoided later on. If you do this you don’t bring it up later on because they might not remember the incident so they’ll be less likely to take you seriously.

2) Be passive aggressive

You could act uninterested in them, be stubborn or act the same way that they do. They’ll notice the change in you and will want to understand what’s going on which could lead to them realizing that you’re upset with them. They’ll think about what they’ve done and hopefully figure out the issue.

3) Talk to them about it

Talk to them in a quiet place and calmly let them know that you’re aware of what they’re doing. Don’t be angry or judgmental because they’ll get defensive which will make it harder to deal with. Make it clear that you don’t like what they’ve done and that you’ve lost trust in them but also give them a chance to explain their behavior so they don’t feel bullied.

4) Ask them to be honest

It’s how to change the way you act but they might try if they know how important it is to you. Tell them that it upsets you and hurts your feelings so they see the emotional impact of what they’ve done. Emotions tend to make a bigger impact so there’s a better chance of them trying to change and being more honest with you. Make sure they know that you won’t get upset if they tell you something that you don’t like because honesty is more important than your reaction.

5) Set boundaries

Set some boundaries with consequences and stick to them so the person knows you’re serious about not tolerating their behavior. Tell them that you’ll take a break from them or leave them for good if they’re dishonest with you again. If they are then follow through with what you said and don’t give them a second chance because it’s clear they don’t care.

6) Talk to someone else

There is the possibility that you’re wrong or overreacting so talk to someone else about to get their point of view. Choose someone that knows both you and the other person but who will remain neutral and honest. Don’t pick someone that will choose sides because you want an honest opinion and listen to what they say.

7) End the relationship

It might be better to end the relationship if they’ve hurt you deeply or if you feel like you can’t be with a dishonest person. Don’t let them talk you into staying because they’re making it all about them instead of the relationship between the two of you. Keep telling yourself what they’ve done and focus on why they’re not the right person for you.

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