11 Things that happen when you date a woman who loves food

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Hungry Girl A hungry girl makes men think of women who are overweight but all types of women can enjoy food. It’s always a fun way to pleasure a woman because some foods are sexy and can be used to put her in the mood for sex.

1) You learn a hungry girl can come in any size

Just because she’s a hungry girl it doesn’t mean she doesn’t care about her weight or appearance. A lot of thin girls enjoy food too so don’t be put off when she mentions that she loves food or like to try new restaurants. People know that overeating isn’t healthy and food lovers usually make an effort to control portion sizes so they can indulge but still maintain a good weight. Take a chance and go out with her because she might be cute or sexy and the right woman for you.

2) It’s easy to pleasure a woman with dinner

You’ll always be able to pleasure a woman with dinner instead of worrying about whether she’ll like the restaurant you take her to because she’ll be excited to try a new meal. By taking her out to dinner you show her that you know about her love of food and want to treat her which will put her in a good mood. You can make the night even more special by ordering foods like oysters, asparagus or a chocolate dessert because these are aphrodisiacs.

3) You’ll try new foods

She’s gonna be introducing you to all kinds of new foods that you haven’t thought of trying before because she wants to show you her favorite things to eat. This is going to be a fun activity you’ll do together, will add excitement to the relationship and can be a way for the two of you to bond and become closer. It will also broaden your taste palate so you’ll learn how to appreciate food and make more interesting meals even after the relationship ends.

4) Eating is a good backup activity

It’s hard coming up with new date ideas after you’ve been together for a while but if she loves food then you have lots of ideas to choose from. You can take her to a new restaurant, a wine and cheese tasting, a cooking class or try cooking her some recipes you’re good at making and have a romantic dinner at home. As long as it involves food she’s going to love it and you won’t have to worry about the date being boring.

Cooking for you

5) She’s going to be cooking for you

She’s going to want to show you what she likes and will try to impress you by cooking her favorite meal for you. She’s letting you know what makes her happy so remember what she cooks because you can surprise her with it later on when it’s a special date. Even if you don’t like it you need to act enthusiastic and be appreciative because you want to make her happy and next time she might cook something different.

No Diets

6) Diets are not a part of your life

Diets won’t be a part of your life because she’s already in the habit of balancing healthy meals with indulgent ones so that she can pursue her love of food without worrying about her health. She knows how to eat properly and will naturally be drawn to a balanced diet which you’ll get used to as you eat more meals together. Food tastes good and there’s so many tasty things to try that she’ll want to indulge with you and won’t be complaining about needing to go on a diet.

Easy to choose a restaurant

7) It’s easy to choose a restaurant

It’s going to be easy choosing a restaurant because she’ll know all the great places in town and will know exactly where she wants to go. She’ll know which dishes to recommend to you and will enjoy eating her favorite meal with her favorite man. If you want to surprise her then you’ll know form past dates what her favorite restaurants are and if you take her somewhere new you’ll know that it’ll be easy for her to find something to eat because there’s bound to be a dish on the menu that she likes or wants to try.

8) You don’t need to be self-conscious

You don’t need to worry about eating too much in front of her and coming across like a pig because she loves to eat and knows how good food tastes. She’s going to be eating as carefree as you and won’t be counting calories or worrying about whether or not to order appetizers. Food is meant to be enjoyed and be an activity to do with loved ones while talking and having fun so don’t be self-conscious about your eating habits.

9) Food becomes a way to pleasure a woman

Food can be a way to pleasure a woman if you use it during a romantic dinner or foreplay. You can start the night with a candlelit dinner, nice bottle of wine and some oysters to get her in the mood then take things into the bedroom. You can then use food during foreplay by stripping naked and putting chocolate sauce or whip cream on her body then slowly lick it off. You can also feed her strawberries or grapes while giving her a body massage.

Adventurous Girl

10) She’s more adventurous than you think

She’s going to be adventurous in more ways than one if you know she likes to try new foods because it shows that she’s curious and likes new experiences. You can help her explore other parts of life such as hobbies or sex by telling her it’ll be fun and if she has doubts then tell her that you felt unsure about a certain but you tried it for her and that you’d appreciate it if she tried something that you enjoy.

11) She’s confident and fun

Girls who worry about food can be difficult to date because they count calories, are indecisive about where to eat and what to order and will feel self-conscious about eating too much in front of you and making a bad impression. A hungry girl who lets you know it is someone who’s confident and fun which means she’s easier to get along with. You won’t have as many insecurities to deal with because she’s comfortable with herself and the two of you will find it easier to relax and have a good time.

Katy Benett