11 Things you sacrifice when you love a person who’s bad for you

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Suffering Abusive RelationshipWhen you’re in an abusive relationship or with someone you’ve met on an alternative dating site then there’s a chance that you’re making sacrifices to make things work. If you’re with someone who’s bad for you then you can lose a lot of things that are important.

1) Your emotional well-being

Your partner won’t care about you or your feelings and are with you because it’s convenient. They’ll put you down to make you feel bad but then give you attention so you don’t realize what they are doing.

2) Your life

Your life would be better without them in it and you’re living in a way that you’re not used to. You’ll miss out on opportunities or on doing things that make you happy because you don’t want to upset them.

3) Your happiness

Your happiness suffers when you’re in an passive aggressive relationship because you’re being mistreated in some way, either emotionally or physically. You’ll want to leave them but will worry about what will happen afterwards such as being alone or how your current parent will react.

4) Your self-worth

Deep down you know they’re bad for you and this is going to take a toll on your self-worth because it’ll change the way you see yourself. You’ll beat yourself up for staying with them and feel like you deserve the way they treat you.

5) Your money

There’s a chance you’re helping them out financially, either by paying their bills or by paying for all of the dates. They know that they can manipulate you and will control your spending as a way to control you.

6) Your friends

Alternative dating might sound exciting but the people on these sites didn’t have success elsewhere for a reason. They’ll want to keep you all to themselves so they’re not alone and this will alienate your friends because you’ll be spending less time with them.

7) Your career

Your career will suffer because you’re putting more of your attention on your relationship. You might show up late because you’re with your partner or might put off work assignments to go on a date because they guilted you into spending time with them.

8) Your freedom

They’ll try to distance you from your family and friends so that you become dependent on them. You’ll feel trapped and they’ll have more control over what you do.

9) Your morals

You’ll lose your morals as they slowly change your personality and make you more likely to do things you know are wrong. You’ll get used to making excuses for their behavior to try and normalize it instead of admitting that they’re a bad person.

10) Your future relationships

Instead of wasting your time with them you could be out looking for true love with someone that treats you right. There are lots of people out there who could make you happy and you’ll never meet them because you’re trying to make a toxic relationship be successful.

11) Your sex life

Once you see them for what they are your desire for them will fade and you’ll be less interested in having sex. Your sex life will decrease until you have it on rare -occasions and temptation for an affair will grow stronger.

Katy Benett