Tips for men: 8 Surefire Signs You May Be Dating a Sociopath

April 18, 2017 Posted in Adult Dating Guide by No Comments

People with Sociopathy Sociopathy is a term used of people who have a lack thereof emotions such as empathy and sociability. They have no real feelings and only care about themselves which makes them the type of person you shouldn’t date.

1) They act entitled

People with sociopathy act entitled because they believe they are better than everyone else and deserve to be treated differently. They demand the best and will get upset if they don’t get. They act snobby and will keep their distance from people they don’t see as equals but will suck up to their superiors to try and get favorable treatment from them.

2) They’re manipulative

They’ll use guilt, blackmail or fake sadness to make others give in to them. You’re going to feel like you’re always trying to make her happy and that your feelings don’t matter because you’ll get used to her twisting things to make you seem like the bad guy.

3) They lie easily

They find it easy to lie because they don’t feel like it’s wrong, to them it’s something that comes naturally. They think lying is just another way to get what they want and that anyone who doesn’t do this are stupid for being nice. To a sociopath lying is something that needs to be done to get ahead in the world.

4) They lack emotion

It’s normal for people to have a range of emotions but a sociopath struggle with them and will usually be calm and confident no matter what’s happening. She keeps control of her behavior and can do what’s necessary without overthinking it because she sees things in black and white.

5) They don’t feel bad

Your girlfriend won’t feel bad when she does something wrong and will act like it’s no big deal. She doesn’t understand that she did something wrong because she’s incapable of feeling guilt or shame. These concepts don’t exist for her and you’re going to be hurt by her again and again because she won’t change.

5) They need to be in control

She’ll need to be in control all of the time because she thinks she knows what’s best and that other people aren’t as smart as she is. She will take the lead and expect others to follow her. This gives her an ego boost and re-affirms her belief that she is superior to everyone else.

7) They have few friends

People with sociopathy will have few friends because they aren’t capable of making real connections. They use people for their own benefit and don’t see the point in having friends for other reasons. They won’t make an effort to make friends and when they do have a friend it doesn’t last long because the other person gets tired of being used and ends the friendship.

8) They do what they want

Sociopaths believe they’re special and that rules don’t apply to them. They only care about themselves and will do what they want because their happiness is what they’re focused on. You’re going to be wondering what she’ll do next and worry that she’s going to do something extreme.

Katy Benett