12 Tips for couples to survive their first holiday together

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First Holidays TogetherWhen you’re in a new relationship and going on your first holiday together you need to plan and make sure you have the right attitude so it goes as smoothly as possible. You want to have fun, remember romance and relax so it’s a holiday you’ll always remember.

1) Talk about your ideal holiday

Everyone has a different idea of what the perfect holiday is like so the first thing you need to do is talk to your partner about where you want to go and what you want to do. Describe it so they clearly know what you’re after then listen to them as they talk about their ideal holiday. Pay attention to the things you have in common so you can plan based off this. If you can’t decide on anything then randomly pick a place and research it to find things that both of you will enjoy doing there.

2) Choose the destination together

You need to choose the destination together so you go somewhere that both of you are excited about and looking forward to. You need to spend time looking at websites and talk to friends who have been there before about the places you’re thinking of going to so you get a clear of idea of what they’re like and can narrow it down to one place that both of you would love to visit.

3) Plan the itinerary before you leave

Planning the Itinerary
To avoid having fights about what to do during your holiday you should sit down together and plan a rough itinerary of things you want to do and places you want to see. Write out the days you’ll be there and plan when you’re doing each activity so you have an idea of how the trip will go. This will also stop you from missing out on something or rushing to do everything because you’ll know how much time you have at each place.

4) Avoid talking about difficult subjects

A holiday is not the time to be talking about difficult subjects, especially if it’s a new relationship. You want to keep the mood light by avoiding talking about things like where the relationship is going, the annoying habits they have that you didn’t notice before or bringing up a fight you had in the past. If you need to talk to them about something you should wait until the holiday is over so you don’t ruin things.

5) Be adventurous by having kinky sex

Having Kinky Sex
A holiday is exciting because you’re going somewhere new and sharing an experience with someone you love. You can keep the adventurous spirit alive by doing something intimate as a couple, like kinky sex. The feeling of being on holiday will make both of you more likely to try something new and you’ll want to push boundaries as a way to make the trip even more memorable.

6) Have some alone time planned

You need to plan some time away from each other otherwise you could end up getting annoyed or burnt out. If there’s activities you want to do but your partner doesn’t then plan an afternoon where each of you do what you want. This will give you the space that you need and you don’t have to waste time and money on activities you’re not interested in. You can then talk about what you did over dinner which will make for an interesting conversation.

7) Keep the romance alive

Romantic Dinner
A new relationship should have lots of romance to keep the spark alive long enough for you to get to know each other and move on to a serious relationship so remember to include romance on your holiday. If you’re on a budget you can do something simple like surprise her with a single red rose at breakfast or have one night where you take her to a nice restaurant for dinner while you eat cheaply during the rest of the holiday.

8) Have a budget that works for both of you

If you’re in a different wage bracket than your partner or if there’s a difference in debt levels then you need to work out a budget that works for both of you. Going into debt or spending too much money will add stress in your life which will affect your relationship so stick to a budget that’s comfortable for you. There’s always unexpected expenses that come up so have some money put aside for them so it doesn’t become a problem.

9) Have a daily budget

Once you have a general budget worked out you need to come up with a daily budget that breaks down your expenses by each day of your holiday. If you don’t do this then you could end up spending too much at the beginning of your holiday and not having any money left at the end of it. You should include things like accommodation, food, activities and souvenirs so you know how much you can afford to spend each day on specific items.

10) Focus on each other

A lot of people are so excited about being on holiday that they get caught up in talking lots of pictures, posting on social media and rushing from one activity to the next. If you’re spending too much time on frivolous things try to cut back by putting the camera down and talking to your partner about what’s going on or create a memory by doing something together.

11) Have each person play a role

Play a Role
When you start planning your holiday you should assign each person a role that suits their abilities. If you’re good at planning then be the one who arranges hotels and flights and if she’s good at finding things to do then let her plan which activities to do. You don’t want one person to do all of the work so talk about what each of you will do, consult each other before making any big decisions and share your plans so nothing gets overlooked.

12) Don’t be afraid to try something new

A holiday is the perfect time to try something new and it’s a good opportunity to make memories with your partner so be brave and do something you wouldn’t normally do. This will be the highlight of your trip and will be an event you’ll always remember. Find an activity you can do with your partner, like hiking a mountain or sky diving, so you can experience it together and give moral support if one of you is nervous.

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