10 Subtle things that reveal your partner truly loves you

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Having Love Quotes People struggle when it comes to knowing what is love because the signs are hard to read. Women show love more romantically while men show it with their gestures. Learn the subtle signs so you know that your partner truly loves you.

1) They want to spend time with you

They want to be with you and will make an effort to spend time with you doing things that make both of you happy, such as doing hobbies and going on dates.

2) They use love quotes

Women like romance and will use love quotes to express how they feel. They’ll say these while being physically close to you to emphasize their feelings and will usually make eye contact to strengthen the bond.

3) They remember the little things

If they truly love you then they’ll remember the little things because they know how important they are. These will be things like an important project at work, your favorite food and TV shows.

4) They trust you

Love is all about trust and they’ll show their trust in you by telling you things they’d never tell anyone else because they know you will keep it a secret. They’ll also share their hopes, dreams and fears with you to show you what they’re really like.

5) They respect you

Respect is a part of a loving, healthy relationship and your partner wouldn’t do things like belittle you or bully you if they loved you. Instead they’ll take your thoughts and feelings seriously and will ask you for your opinion on important issues.

6) They help you

They’ll not only help you with big problems but also help you in small ways in your everyday life. They’ll talk to you about any problems you’re having to help you find a solution as well as do things around the house so you won’t have to worry about those as well.

7) You make decisions together

In a relationship you’re sharing your life with your partner and you’ll be making decisions together. They’ll talk to you about it and will listen to your view of things before settling on something that works for both of you.

8) Their future plans include you

They will include you when making plans for the future because they expect you’ll still be a part of their life. They won’t always ask you before making these plans since they know you’ll agree to them because you want to be with them.

9) They’re affectionate

They be affectionate to you by making small gestures that you might not even notice. They’ll touch your arm while talking to you, snuggle up with you on the couch and hold your hand while walking down the street.

10) They know when something’s wrong

They will know something’s wrong just by looking at you because they’ll be familiar with your body language. They will know how to approach you about it and will know –when you need some time alone.

Katy Benett