The 7 most common reasons she may not get hers right away

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Not enought attention When you’re meeting a woman that you’ve met on an adult dating site for the first time you want to have a night of hot sex. You need to make sure it’s good for her as well as for you otherwise you won’t get a second date with her but most women can’t orgasm as quickly as men do. You need to be understanding about this and know why she might have a problem with finishing because it might not be you or the sexual act the two of you are doing.

1) Lack of emotional closeness

Women need to feel an emotional closeness with a man before they’re comfortable enough to do any type of sexual act with him. If they’re desperate or want to make a man happy then they’ll ignore this need and sleep with him anyways but they won’t be able to enjoy it because it will feel like they’re having sex with a stranger. The lack of closeness will stop them from giving 100% of themselves to you and it will take her longer to relax enough to be able to orgasm.

2) Nervousness

It can be nervous for people the first few times they have sex with somebody new. They need time to learn what you like and what you’re technique is like during sex before they can get into rhythm with you. This could make it difficult to concentrate on their own needs which lead to them taking longer to finish.

3) Not turned on enough

The more turned on a woman is the more sensitive her clit becomes and the easier it is for her to have an orgasm. This is why it’s important to do foreplay because it will give her the time she needs to get ready for sex. Touch her most sensitive areas like her breasts and inner thighs before you take things all the way.

4) Needs clit stimulation

A lot of women can’t orgasm from just vaginal stimulation and they need clit stimulation to push them over the edge. You need to focus on that small bundle of nerve endings so that she can orgasm again and again. Try different positions and techniques to find what works best for the woman you’re with because it’s different for everyone.

5) Doesn’t feel sexy

Women aren’t always confident about the way they look and if they don’t feel sexy then they’ll find it hard to lose control with you. They’ll be too focused on how they look and what you’re thinking about them to feel like they can give in to the moment. Make her feel good about herself by telling her how sexy she is and that you love being with her.

6) Fear of being judged

Women are afraid that you’ll judge them if they’re too eager for sex or if they enjoy it so they’ll hold back. They’re used to doing this with men so she’ll do it without realizing it. You need to let her know that you think it’s hot for her to enjoy sex just as much as you do and that it doesn’t make her a slut.

7) Not enough attention

Men have a reputation for being selfish lovers who tend to focus on themselves during sex so remember to make sure she’s having just as much fun as you are. Listen to the sounds she’s making and watch her body language to see if she’s at the same stage as you. If she isn’t then slow down and help her get to the same level as you.

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