7 Misconceptions About What Is Attractive To Women

February 13, 2017 Posted in Adult Dating Guide by No Comments

Misconceptions about women A lot of guys think that women who use dating sites like Monkey Hookups are only after handsome men or masculine men, the type of men who look like the man of their dreams. The reality is that women aren’t that superficial and find lots of other qualities more attractive so try to avoid being the type of man you think they want and just be yourself because you might come across as the wrong type for her.

1) Handsome men

Women care more about personality than looks because they know looks fade and there needs to be substance to the relationship. Take care of yourself and do what you can to be attractive like wearing clothes that look clean and fit properly and do things like shave and go for regular haircuts. You want to look nice but let your personality be what grabs her attention because that will give her more to build the relationship on.

2) Masculine men

A lot of men think women want men who are masculine and will spend hours at the gym trying to get the right body type. They also will act over confident because they think men should be the dominant ones which comes across as being arrogant. Keep fit but don’t get too muscular because she might think you’re all brawn and no brains. Treat her like an equal because this is how she wants you to act around her.

3) Handy men

There’s a belief that men are handier than women when it comes to fixing things around the house and knowing all about cars. Men think they’re not as good as other men when they lack in these areas and try to act like they know what they’re doing which only makes things worse. It’s okay to tell her you don’t know what you’re doing because she’ll appreciate the honesty.

4) Knights in shining armor

Women don’t need men to rescue them or look after them like they’re not capable of doing it themselves. Don’t make her feel useless by doing everything for her because she’s going to get tired of it and start looking for a man who knows how to strike the right balance between being a gentleman and being a man who wants to help and look after their partner.

5) Perfect men

Nobody’s perfect and anyone who acts like they are can be a turn off because it comes across as being vain. you might think that acting like you always know what you’re doing and have everything under control makes you look suave but that behavior gets on the nerves. Women find it charming when men are comfortable enough to act like themselves and aren’t afraid to make a mistake.

6) Wealth and success

Money and a successful career are nice qualities but women will focus on other things before those ones. They want a man they feel safe and comfortable with as well as someone they can relate to. Instead of showing off what you have it’s a better idea to find something you have in common with her. This will make a stronger connection with her and she’ll be more likely to commit to you.

7) Great with kids

Men tend to think that all women love babies and can’t wait to get married and start a family but not all women are like this. It’s more acceptable these days for women to be focused on their careers or not want to be a mother so you don’t need to pretend to be great with kids if you aren’t. Instead look for women who are independent and not interested in being a parent.

Katy Benett