7 Reasons why men are so insecure dating ambitious women

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Acknowledgement with an Accomplished Women Men find it difficult to give acknowledgement that some women are more ambitious or successful then they are and feel insecure when it comes to dating accomplished women. There are multiple reasons for why men are insecure when dating accomplished women but it mostly comes down to how they view the situation.

1) They don’t know how to act

Men are used to being the dominant one in a relationship and they don’t know how to act around accomplished women. They either feel like they’ll say or do something stupid or that she’s going to be high maintenance. They don’t realize that she’s dating him because there’s something about him that she likes and he just needs to be himself.

2) They feel un-needed

Successful women are used to being independent and know they can have fulfilled lives without a man so this leads to men feeling un-needed. They try to overcompensate for this by showing off their wealth or by taking her out on fancy dates but this makes them look arrogant and women will lose interest in him.

3) They don’t know what they want

Accomplished women know what they want and work hard to get it but the man their dating might not know what they want out of life.

4) They can’t keep up

Men feel like they can’t keep up with girlfriend and that eventually she’s going to get bored with him and move on. This can make them feel defeated and they won’t bother trying to make the relationship work. When things start to head towards a breakup they blame her ambition instead of their lack of effort.

5) They feel less masculine

In society it’s normal to see confident, successful men but when women are this way they’re seen as being aggressive. This means men are used to taking on traditional gender roles like being the successful one and they feel less masculine when they date a woman who goes for what she wants. They feel like the roles are reversed and they feel like they’re not the man in the relationship.

6) They need time to adjust

Men might need time to adjust if they’re not used to dating accomplished women because they’re dealing with new thoughts and feelings. They need to make an effort to be open-minded and accepting if they want the relationship to be successful and they need to stop their thoughts and feelings from taking over. Once they see that her ambition isn’t a threat to the relationship then they can work on being a stronger couple.

7) They think there’s higher expectations

Men think that accomplished women have higher standards for the men they date and will only go out with those who are as successful as them. They feel like they have to live up to these standards and this stresses them out because they feel like they’ll never be good enough. When their girlfriend tells him she loves him the way he is he thinks she’s being nice and trying to hide the truth.

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