7 Reasons why having sex with your ex is almost always a bad idea

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Having Sex with your Ex Breakups are tough but you might be tempted to hook up with your ex because you know them and it’s easier to do that then try to find someone new on adult dating sites like AdultFriendFinder. Having sex with your ex is almost always a bad idea though so you need to think it through carefully before you make the wrong decision.

1) Stops you from moving on

After a breakup you should take some time to deal with it then move on by finding someone new. You could do this by going out or by using adult dating sites but if you turn to your ex instead then you’re missing out on starting a new relationship. You’ll get used to doing this and it’ll be harder for you to get back in the dating scene.

2) They might get the wrong idea

Your ex might see this as an opportunity to give the relationship a second chance or it’ll reignite their feelings for you. If you want to make sure it stays a onetime thing then you need to make it clear to them before you go over and afterwards firmly but gently tell them that you’re not interested in getting back together.

Seeing your ex again will bring back all the emotions from the breakup as well as the relationship and you’ll miss being with them. You’ll think about the good moments and even though it was supposed to be just about sex it could turn into something more. It’s easier to keep control over your emotions with someone new because you don’t share a history with them.

4) You’ll regret it

There’s a reason you broke up with your ex instead of trying to deal with whatever problems you were having. The sex might be great but once the moment has passed you’ll regret doing it because you’ll know that it was meaningless. You’ll be mad at yourself for running back to your ex like someone who’s desperate and you’ll wish you had shown a bit of self-control.

5) The breakup happens again

It’ll feel like the breakup is happening again and you’ll be dealing with a lot of issues that you haven’t dealt with yet. After sex there will be the awkward moment when you say goodbye to your ex for the last time and both of you will be wondering if you really mean it.

6) Risk of STI’s

You don’t know what your ex has been doing since you last saw them and they could have slept around. You might think they’re safe to sleep with because they didn’t have any STI’s when you were with them but they might have gotten one if they’ve had hook ups. If you don’t think to use protection then you’re putting yourself at risk of getting an STI.

7) You might get jealous

They might have moved on or are dealing with the breakup better than you which could make you jealous. You’ll wonder why it’s so easy for them to get over the breakup and this will be where your focus is. You might act out before you even get to the bedroom and they won’t want to put up with your behavior.

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