Tips for men: 8 things you should do after a breakup

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What to do after break-up When you’re going through the aftermath of a breakup there are several things you can do to make things easier on you. Staying just friends with your ex might be an option or you could join an online dating and put up a sexy selfie to attract someone new.

1) Consider being just friends

Some couples can survive the breakup and transition into being just friends. If your relationship ended well then think about whether or not this could work with your ex. Talk to her and see if she would be okay being friends with you and set boundaries so things don’t become awkward. Boundaries could include not talking about the breakup or people that you’re dating.

2) Focus on yourself

You’re going to be dealing with a lot of emotions after a breakup so take time to focus on yourself. It’s okay to be upset so deal with the emotions instead of ignoring them because this will help you move on faster. Do things you enjoy like hobbies or sports and learn to have fun by yourself so you don’t feel lonely.

3) Try online dating

Joining an online dating site like FbookHookups is an easy way for you to meet someone new and have a hook up. Post a selfie on your profile and message hot women in your area to see if any are interested in you. Make it clear that you’re looking for something casual and that it won’t go any further than just sex.

4) Hang out with friends

Forget about your ex and hang out with your friends. You should have some fun so have a guys night out and let them take your mind off what’s going on. This moral support will help a lot and you’ll be able to see your friends a lot more now that you don’t have any other commitments.

5) Prepare to move on

You need to move on so when you do meet someone new you’re ready for another relationship. This involves mentally and emotionally accepting the fact that it’s over. It’ll take time for you to get used to not seeing her so don’t embarrass yourself by begging her to give you another chance. It’s also a good idea to delete her number and email as well as getting rid of any mementos that might be a painful reminder of her.

6) Enjoy the single life

The single life can be fun and now is the time to enjoy all the things you did as a bachelor. Don’t rush into a new relationship because you need to have a break from being committed to someone. Be selfish and do what you want when you want so that when a new woman does come into your life you’ll feel ready to settle down.

7) Make yourself more attractive

You want to look attractive because that’s how you’re going to get women interested in you so work on yourself. Start going to the gym regularly to tone up and eat a healthier diet so you feel more energetic. Buy some new clothes and get a haircut to freshen up your look and make you feel more positive about yourself.

8) Try playful flirting

You don’t have to have a hook up if you’re not ready for that yet and instead try a bit of playful flirting. There are lots of hook up sites such as Monkey Hookups, Adult Friendfinder and chat rooms to join so choose a couple and use them purely for fun.

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