7 Reasons you shouldn’t have sex on a first date

March 17, 2017 Posted in Adult Dating Guide by No Comments

Great Sex with Real LoveAdult dating sites like MonkeyHookups.com are great for meeting people and starting relationships but you should never have sex on the first date. It doesn’t matter if you think it’s real love or if you just want a bit of fun because it’ll make the wrong first impression.

1) You don’t want to seem easy

If you have sex on the first date then your partner is going to think you’re easy and is less likely to respect you. This makes the relationship unlikely to last because they now just see you as a sex object and they’ll wonder how many other people you’ve slept with on the first date. They’ll keep an emotional distance because they don’t think you want something more serious.

2) You don’t know their STI status

It is possible to get an STI even though you use a condom because they can break or you could forget to use one after getting caught up in the moment. By waiting you’ll be able to get to know the person better and get tested for STI’s so you know exactly what risks there are when you do have sex for the first time.

3) You might regret it

They might not be someone you’re really attracted to and are only going through with the date because you’re hoping things get better. The night might end well but the next morning you’ll regret going as far as you did with them because you’ll know that it was meaningless and that it was a mistake.

4) You’re getting over an ex

Having sex with someone new while dealing with a breakup could make things more difficult for you to deal with. Before sleeping with someone you need to make sure that you’re really attracted to them and not just using them as a way to move on from your ex otherwise you’re going to feel frustrated because you’ve avoided the real issue instead of dealing with it.

5) It’s not real love

You don’t really know someone until you’ve spent time with them and gotten to know what they’re really like instead of the personality they’ve tried to present online.

6) It’ll be too awkward

A first date is always awkward because you’re getting to know each other and seeing if they’re what you thought they would be like. Having sex will only make it worse because you’re not sure what the other person likes in bed and it takes time to get comfortable being around them.

7) You feel pressured

Adult dating sites like Fbookhookups.com are usually used for casual hook ups so you might feel pressured to have sex on the first date because you think that’s what they’re expecting. A little bit of kissing is all right to see if a spark is there but you should stop things before it gets too far otherwise you’re going to feel like you need to sleep with them because you’ve gotten them aroused.

Katy Benett