10 Ways to Know if Your Date is Over Her Ex

February 25, 2017 Posted in Adult Dating Guide by No Comments

Your Date is over Her Ex You need to know if your date is over her ex before you get serious about her because it could cause problems like jealousy and trust issues. You won’t find this out from her dating profile so you need to pay attention to how she reacts to certain things.

1) Doesn’t talk about him

She won’t talk about her ex if she’s over him because she wouldn’t want to make you jealous. She’ll keep her past private and will keep the conversation focused on the people who are currently in her life like family and friends.

2) Talks about the future

She’ll talk about the future but you’re the one she includes in her plans instead of him. She’ll mention getting together with friends and places she’d like to go to on other dates with you.

3) Wants to know you

If she still loves her ex she’ll act distant to you so she doesn’t get too emotionally involved but if she’s over him then she’s going to want to know you better. She’ll ask about your interests and life goals to see if you’re right for her.

4) Doesn’t compare you

She won’t compare you with her ex or tell you that he’s better at certain things if she’s ready to start a relationship with you. She’ll understand that you’re a new experience and that it’s unrealistic to hope that you’ll be a good replacement for him.

5) Has no contact with him

To make it a clean break up she would have cut off contact with him to make sure she can move on and not get caught up in his life again. She won’t be friends with him on social media and will block him so he can’t phone or text her.

6) Doesn’t keep mementos

She won’t keep mementos like gifts or pictures because she wants to move on. She might keep a few things in the closet if it’s a good memory but she won’t keep them on display because they’ll be a reminder of him.

7) Dates aren’t in the same places

She won’t take you to the same places as she went to with her ex because she’ll want to make new memories with you. This will also help her avoid running into him while she’s on a date with you and stop her from reminiscing about the past.

8) Doesn’t try to change you

If she’s still longing for her ex she might try to change you to make you more like him. She could get you interested in his hobbies or favorite movies and music. If she’s over him then she’ll accept you as you are.

9) Isn’t interested in a hook up

She won’t be using you as a rebound guy to have a hook up with in an effort to forget her ex if she’s over him. Instead she’ll take things slowly because she won’t want to get hurt and will want to build a serious relationship.

10) Is ready to move on

She’ll be ready to move on and start a new chapter with you if she’s let go of the past. She’ll be open to seeing how things go with you and will make an effort to make the relationship work because she knows that you’re the man in her life now.

Katy Benett