The top 7 qualities great boyfriends have

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A great boyfriendA great boyfriend has a variety of qualities that makes his woman want to be with him and to make the relationship last. Learn about what qualities women look for in a boyfriend and see if you need to make any changes in your life.

1) Communication skills

A relationship requires work and partners need to be able to communicate with each other otherwise small problems could turn into big ones. A woman wants a man who can express what he’s feeling and what his plans are for the future so she can understand his point of view. This doesn’t mean you have to always talk about your feelings, it means when something’s bothering you that you’re capable of talking it out with her.

2) Easy going

Women want a boyfriend they can relax and be themselves with which means you need to be easy going. Don’t get upset if she changes plans and let her decide what to do on date nights sometimes instead of always making the decisions for her. If something goes wrong then deal with it instead of getting upset and don’t over react if you see her talking to another guy because it could just be a friend.

3) Thoughtful

Give her a present or cook dinner for her if it’s your anniversary or her birthday and make sure it’s something she’d like instead of thinking she’ll like it because it’s girly. Not all women like flowers or jewelry so tailor your gift to her. If she has a promotion or presentation at work then ask her how it went instead of waiting for her to bring it up so she knows that you’ve been thinking about her.

4) Respect

A man needs to respect everyone because it makes him look like a good person. A boyfriend should act like a gentleman by holding doors open, pulling out chairs and calling his partner by her name instead of a nickname. This will show her that you care about her and think of her as an equal which will make her feel good around you.

5) Able to listen

Women like being able to share their thoughts and feelings with their boyfriend because it’s their way of making a connection with them. Listen to what she says and never tune out or look away because she’ll know you’ve stopped listening and she’s going to think you don’t care about her.

6) Patient in bed

A great boyfriend knows that it isn’t just about him when it comes to sex and that women need a bit more time before they can really get into it. Give her foreplay and find out what she likes to do in bed so that you know how to please her. Try and make sure that she has an orgasm too and if she likes cuddling after sex then do it because it’s going to make her feel closer to you.

7) Takes care of himself

Women care about appearances and it’s going to bother her if you don’t take care of yourself. You don’t need to look like a male model but you do need to make sure your clothes fit and are clean, your hair isn’t greasy and your shoes aren’t falling apart. It’s a good idea to exercise and maintain a healthy diet so that you stay physically attractive and make regular visits to the dentist so you have a sexy white smile.

Katy Benett