7 unrealistic expectations men often have about women when it comes to dating

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Good Night Kiss Dating is complicated because men and women think and behave differently. Men have unrealistic expectations of women and vice versa, especially when it comes to things like a good night kiss or hooking up. A lot of issues could be avoided if there was more understanding between the sexes.

1) A kiss means more

A woman is happy with a good night kiss and might not be in the mood for sex but men see it as the start of passion and think she’s a tease when she ends things there.

2) They always look perfect

Women don’t always look perfect, especially when they wake up at your place. It takes time and effort to look sexy and women only do it when they want to make a good impression or are going out. They don’t always look like that and have days when they don’t use makeup and wear their scruffy clothes.

3) They workout

A lot of women don’t obsess over how they look and are happy with the way they are. They might occasionally go on diets or workout but they don’t let it dominate their life. Men expect women to have the perfect body with a flat stomach, toned legs and big breasts but few women look like that. Life is busy and their attention is elsewhere like on work, family and friends so working out takes a back seat.

4) Monogamy starts on the first date

Men and women like to keep their options open at the beginning of a relationship because they don’t know how things will go. Men tend to be fine with playing the field but get upset when she does the same thing. Men shouldn’t expect women to be monogamous as soon as they start dating unless they’re willing to commit as well.

5) They only have girlfriends

It is possible for women to be friends with men and not have anything sexual happen between them but men expect women to just have girlfriends. They get jealous when they find out the woman they’re dating is spending time with another man and don’t understand that it’s platonic.

6) They want to take care of you

Independent women are becoming more acceptable and they’re less likely to look after their boyfriend. They want and expect equality and won’t take on the role of housewife just because it’s expected of them. Men expect her to do everything and when she doesn’t he thinks she’s lazy or nothing like what other women are like.

7) They’re always waiting for you

Men think that their girlfriend is always waiting for them to get in touch and will always be ready to go out on a date when they ask then feel ignored when she has other plans. She isn’t sitting at home and hoping for her boyfriend to be free, instead she’s making plans with her girlfriends to go out and have fun.

Katy Benett