If women really want equality, then why do they expect men to pay and to approach them?

March 26, 2017 Posted in Adult Dating Guide by No Comments

Men pay the dinner bill on the first date A lot of people think that being a feminist and women equality means that everything is equal between the sexes, including dating approaches and paying on date nights. Things aren’t like that though and it has nothing to do with women wanting equality and everything to do with first impressions and social expectations.

Women still expect men to approach them and ask them out because that’s the way it’s always been done. The idea of women asking men out is still new and hasn’t been fully accepted by society yet. A lot of women feel uncomfortable doing this and some men find it weird when a woman makes the first move because they’re not used to a woman being so confident. This will change over time but for now people are still stuck in the old ways and it’s unrealistic to things change suddenly just because women equality is a popular subject.

Every girl dreams about the man she ends up with and fantasizes about what dates will be like, such as going out to nice restaurants or cuddling at the movies. When she finally starts dating she wants to make those dreams a reality and it’s unlikely she even considered asking a man out or paying for herself. Instead she has certain expectations and it’s disappointing when a man lets her down by doing things she wasn’t expecting like going dutch on dates. She wants everything she thought she would get and won’t settle for anything less.

It’s expected that men pay at the beginning of a relationship because they’re the ones who usually ask their date out. If you ask her out then you’re expected to pay because you’re the one who wants to date her. You made the first move and it’s rude to start a new relationship by telling her that everything will be separate between you. If you act like a gentleman and pay for the first few dates then it’s just a matter of time before she wants more of an equal role and will start offering to pay for herself.

Women like a strong, confident man who knows how to look after his girlfriend. Doing things like offering to pay for her on dates shows her that you want to take the lead and that you want to treat her to a nice night out. Also it’s nice to feel special or wanted and women feel this way when a man does thoughtful things for them. It could be things like holding doors open for them or offering to pay for them on dates. This has nothing to do with equality and is about you making small gestures that show her just how much you care about her.

They’re used to men asking them out and they may never be comfortable with the idea of reversing roles. They also have certain desires that can only be fulfilled by keeping to traditional dating etiquette and they enjoy it when a man does his best to make the date nice by being polite, holding doors open and buying her dinner.

Katy Benett