8 Body language clues your partner is lying to you

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Your Partners is lying to you You can use body language to try and figure out if your partner is lying to you or not. By learning about negative body language you can see changes in the way your partner acts and it could help you learn about their infidelity or other acts of lying which can help you confront them instead of letting it continue until they get the courage to tell you what’s going on.

1) They don’t make eye contact

Eye contact is one of the ways you establish trust and feel a bond with another person so if your partner is avoiding doing this with you then they might be trying to hide something from you. They’re not making eye contact because they’re afraid you’ll see the guilt in their eyes and ask them what’s wrong. Instead, they’ll look over your shoulder or look in your general direction to make it look like they’re paying attention to you but they’re really not. This helps make it easier for them to act like everything is okay and gives them a chance to mentally prepare themselves for talking to you. If you have doubts about your partner try looking them in the eyes and see how they react because they’ll have a hard time doing it if they’re lying to you.

2) They don’t face you

Not facing you
Your partner might be guilty of infidelity if they physically don’t face you and always have their attention focused elsewhere. They’re trying to put a physical space between the two of you and by not facing you they won’t be able to see any loving gestures that you make towards them, like smiling at them or leaning in for a kiss. They’re uncomfortable around you but are trying to act normal so you won’t suspect anything’s wrong. They’ll also face away from you because it can help them change the subject quickly if you start asking them difficult questions since they can talk about what they’re looking at. It’s a good way for them to act distracted and you’ll be less likely to talk to them because you’ll know that they’re not interested in doing that right now.

3) They bite or lick their lips

Biting or licking their lips is a common nervous gesture that they’re unlikely to notice they’re doing because people don’t usually think about their mouths. They’re more likely to do this while talking to you because they know they’re hiding something and there’s a stronger intimate feeling between you since you’re actually looking at them. They need to relieve the nervous pressure that’s building and biting their lip can help them do that.

4) They look away quickly

Looking away quickly can be a sign of lying or infidelity because they don’t want to look at you and are pretending to be focused on something else to try and silently stop you from wanting to talk to them. They’ll usually look away quickly if they’ve been thinking about what they’ve done and notice you looking at them because their guilty conscience will make them feel like you can see what they’re thinking about. They’ll also look away quickly as a way to look busy if they think you’re going to start talking to them and they want to avoid having a discussion. They’re acting distracted as a way to stop you from getting to close or trying to have any personal time with them because that makes them feel in control.

5) They breathe faster

Breathing faster is a natural response to stress and this is something they’ll be experiencing when they lie to you or are trying to hide their infidelity from you. They can’t help it and they’ll experience other physical reactions to their lying, like having their heart pounding or feeling hot and sweaty. This uncontrollable reaction will be difficult for them to deal with and they might do other things, like fidget or leave the room, to try and calm down. If your partner seems nervous all of a sudden and you don’t know why then it could be because you’re getting too close to the truth and they’re starting to panic. Breathing faster is just the first sign that something’s wrong and if you ask them if they’re all right you’ll notice that they’ll stammer, come up with an excuse and try to change the subject.

6) They fidget

Biting their lip
Fidgeting is negative body language like biting their lips but not as specific. Fidgeting is more noticeable because it uses more of their body which makes it harder to hide because you’re more likely to notice the way their body or hands are moving instead of looking at their mouth. They’ll fidget by compulsively playing with their hair, clenching their fingers, rocking back and forth or playing with the hem of their sleeve or shirt. They’re full of nervous energy and fidget because they’re trying to do two things at once: they’re trying to forget that they’re hiding something from you and they’re trying to appear normal.

7) They move away from you

Moving away from you is a big body language clue that they’re lying to you because they’re putting physical space between the two of you. They don’t want to be around you because you’re reminding them of what they’ve done and the guilt is bothering them. They’re trying to alleviate it by putting themselves in a place where you don’t exist and they can pretend that everything is like it used to be. You’re going to start spending more time apart and you’ll wonder what you’ve done wrong without realizing that they’re the problem. Things will grow more distant between you until things come to a head and you demand answers from them about what’s changed.

8) They cross their arms

Crossing arms
If your partner is lying to you, especially about infidelity, they’ll get defensive because they know they’ve done something wrong and don’t want to deal with the consequences of it. Crossing their arms in front of their chest is a defensive pose and you’ll sense that they want to be left alone which is what they’re hoping you’ll do. They’re silently hinting to you that they’re not in a good mood and that a fight will happen if you push their buttons. They’re trying to make you back off and once they know this is a tactic that works with you they’ll keep on using aggressive gestures to push you away. You won’t feel loved or safe around them anymore and a growing suspicion that they’re hiding something from you will start playing with your mind.

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