8 Honest Reasons why men choose to stay single

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Men choose stay single Men stay single for lots of reasons, sometimes they want a hot woman to show off to their friends or they lack confidence to make a commitment to their girlfriend. It’s different for every man but they’re all valid reasons that are based on their honest thoughts and feelings.

1) They want a hot woman

Some men have an ideal partner and they won’t settle for less so they stay single until they find her. It’s hard to find a hot woman so they end up staying single instead of settling for a woman who’s great because she isn’t exactly what he wants.

2) They lack confidence

A lack of confidence might be why someone chooses to stay single because they think they’re not good enough or that anyone would want to date them. They find it difficult to ask women out and are more likely to stay single because it’s easier than dealing with the possibility of being rejected.

3) They like being single

Being single can be fun and some men enjoy that lifestyle. They don’t want to make a commitment to someone because they know they’ll miss the freedom of being single and they’ll end up unhappy. They want to do what they want on their own schedule and without having to consider someone else’s feelings.

4) Dating is exciting

Dating is exciting because there’s all types of people out there so you’ll never get bored. Relationships get stale over time and people start to crave the rush of excitement when you meet someone new. They want new experiences and will have casual relationships so they don’t get too emotionally involved which will make it harder to breakup.

5) They don’t want a family

Some people think that dating leads to marriage which leads to starting a family and that’s not a future they want. Not all women want marriage or children though but men don’t think about this and just assume that all of them do so they stay single instead of seeking out women who prefer casual relationships.

6) They just want sex

Dating is a lot of work and it isn’t always fulfilling or what you want, sometimes you just want sex with no strings attached. This leads to a life of being single by choice and only getting involved in relationships that satisfy your desires. It’s becoming more acceptable to do this because of the increasing popularity with adult dating sites so more men choose to live this way.

7) It feels comfortable

After being single for a while it starts to feel comfortable because they’ve gotten used to it. The desire to date fades because they’re used to their own company and getting back in the dating scene seems nerve-wracking. They feel like they’ve been single for too long and don’t know how to change their routine so they just stay single.

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