8 Tips for moving in with your girlfriend

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Cohabitation without Marriage Cohabitation can be awkward at first because it’s a new step in your relationship and you’ll be spending more time together. If you want it to go as smoothly as possible then there needs to be careful planning and open communication.

1) Open communication

When you first start to think about moving in together you need to have open communication so neither of you get the wrong idea. Talk about why you want to live together because there’s a difference between practical reasons like spending more time together or saving money and emotional reasons like taking the next step towards marriage.

2) Move someplace new

It might be better for both of you to pick a place together instead of you moving in with your girlfriend. This will make your home feel like it’s equally yours and can help the two of you start fresh instead of thinking about any ex’s that might have stayed there as well.

3) Put both names on the lease

You want an equal relationship without anyone feeling like if things go wrong they’ll suddenly be left powerless and homeless. One way to stop this is by putting your name and hers on the lease so you both have an equal part in your new home. It also protects your rights as a tenant if you do break up with her.

4) Divide household duties

You shouldn’t expect your girlfriend to act like a housewife and do most of the household chores just because you’re now living together. Before you move in take some time to decide who will do which household chores so that each of you knows what’s expected of you. Compromise and take turns if there’s something both of you hate doing.

5) Make a financial plan

You need to sort out the finances before things go too far because the bills needs to be split in a way that’s fair to both of you. Knowing this will give you time to sort out a budget and figure out how to make the living arrangement work instead of being hit with unexpected expenses.

6) Discuss what annoys you

Everyone has annoying habits so discuss them with your girlfriend so each of you know what to avoid doing. This could stop fights happening and once you’re living together and you notice an annoying habit let her know about it. You should also try to modify your behavior too if she doesn’t like something.

7) Remember things are shared now

You need to start saying things like ‘ours’ or ‘we are’ instead of ‘mine’ and ‘I am’ because you’re sharing more things with her now. You need to start talking as if you’re a couple in a serious relationship otherwise your girlfriend’s going to feel like you’re still not committed to her.

8) Don’t change your social routine

You’ll be able to see your girlfriend more often when you’re living together and you’ll be tempted to give in to the excitement of having her all to yourself. Don’t cancel plans with friends because they’re going to feel left out and will be less likely to hang out with you if do this too often.

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