8 Things You Should Know Before Dating a Girl Who Doesn’t Mind Being Single

December 11, 2016 Posted in Adult Dating Guide by No Comments

Dating a single woman There are some women who like being single and it can be difficult to get her interested in you if you’re attracted to her. She might not be looking to date but if you understand that being with her is a bit different then you might be able to persuade her to give you a chance.

1) She won’t be interested in commitment

There’s a reason why she enjoys being single, either she’s been heartbroken too many times or she just doesn’t want to be tied down with one person. The reason doesn’t matter because the outcome is the same: she doesn’t want to be in a committed relationship straight away. Don’t rush into anything serious and let her decide the pace of the relationship.

2) She won’t be running around after you

Single women are used to being independent and she’ll want a man who’s the same way. Don’t expect her to be running around after you and reminding you of things like when to pick her up or events that you’re going to together. She also isn’t the type of women who will act like a wife and make you dinners or do your laundry.

3) She knows what she wants

She might know what she’s looking for and is happy with being single until she finds the man that she knows is right for her. If you’re inconsiderate or don’t make an effort in the relationship then she won’t think twice about breaking up with you because she’s fine with being alone.

4) She expects freedom

She’s used to doing what she wants when she wants and habits are hard to break so she won’t want to give up her freedom just to date you. Expect her to make plans without you and don’t get upset when she goes out with her girlfriends instead of spending the night with you. She has her own life to live and might have a hard time adjusting to having someone new in her life.

5) You need to accept her

She’s used to living a certain way so you need to accept that and not try to change her because it won’t work. If you try to make her always do things as a couple or get upset when she leaves you out then it’s going to put a strain on the relationship. Be understanding and try not to get upset at small things that don’t matter.

6) She’s used to looking after herself

A single woman is used to looking after herself and is fine with paying her way on dates as well as driving herself. She won’t expect you to take care of everything and might take the initiative when planning dates. Don’t get offended if she takes on the ‘man’ role at the beginning because she needs time to get used to being with you.

7) The first few dates might be awkward

If she’s been single for a while it might be awkward for her to get used to dating again. She might be nervous or make a couple of mistakes so be patient with her and overlook those things. After a couple of dates she’ll get in the swing of things and she’ll become more comfortable around you.

8) Friends with benefits might be preferred

A friends with benefits situation might be better for her because it’s more casual and it gives her the freedom she’s used to. If you sense she’s not okay with something serious then ask her if this is something she’d prefer to do. It could end up working well for both of you.

Katy Benett