The best tips to get your girlfriend masturbate for you

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Female Masturbation A lot of men find female masturbation sexy because it’s seen as naughty and good girls shouldn’t do things like that. It’s something that you want to see during a sexual encounter but it’s hard to get your girlfriend to agree to it because they find it embarrassing. You need to figure out the best way to get what you want and make it a fun experience for both of you so she’ll be more willing to do it in the future.

One way to get an awkward conversation out of the way is by being straightforward with your partner. Use words like “sexy” and “beautiful” instead of “hot” and “kinky” because it sounds more romantic and less dirty which will appeal to her. If she seems shy tell it can be doing something you do together because she might be more comfortable if she can watch you masturbate at the same time.

If you don’t feel comfortable asking your girlfriend to masturbate for you then you can casually bring it up during a sexual encounter. She’s not going to be touching just you so wait until she touches herself and ask her if she likes that. That quick fondle of her breast could turn into something more if you encourage her to keep going and say that you want to see how she likes being touched. You can put your hand on top of hers and guide it over her body until she starts getting into it then let her continue by herself.

Watching porn or reading erotica is a great way to get in the mood so find something that both you and your partner enjoy. Watch it together and snuggle up close, your bodies pressing together. You should start things off by gently touching and stroking yourself and quietly wait for her to do the same because you don’t want to pressure her. Let things happen naturally and don’t make it to obvious that you’re watching her because it might embarrass her. Instead let her masturbate and if she slows down make out with her a bit to keep things going.

Using a toy like a vibrator during a sexual encounter can be an easy way to ease her into masturbating for you. You can start things off by teasing her with it, sliding it over her thighs and along her pussy lips. Take your time and drive her crazy with it because you want her to get to the point where she needs more and will do whatever she can to get it. Her body is going to take over so wait for her to reach for the vibrator then let her take control.

Women aren’t usually comfortable masturbating in front of men so you need to get her to do it in a way that makes it enjoyable and natural for her. Women want to make their man happy in the bedroom so tell her what you want her to do. It might not be something she’s thought of ding and she might be into trying it. You could also help her get started during a sexual encounter by guiding her hands to where you want them then letting her take over or set up the perfect moment for masturbation by watching porn together. You could even use sex toys to entice her into masturbating for you and once she tries it the more she’ll be open to doing it in the future.

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