Do not marry the woman who has these 10 habits

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Gold Digger Woman
There are certain types of women you should never marry because they bad habits that can put a strain on your relationship. Marrying someone who’s a gold digger, unfaithful or narrow minded can leave you regret committing to her and make your life more difficult because you’re not going to be happy.

1) Acts like a gold digger

A gold digger is someone you never want to marry because she’s only with you because of what you can give her and not because she loves you. She’ll take as much as she can and when you put your foot down she’ll leave you for a man who will give her what she wants. If you do marry her the marriage won’t last long because you’ll know deep down why she’s with you and you won’t make an effort to make the relationship work because it’ll be an emotional drain on you. This could also leave you with money problems that will only get worse when you divorce and she goes after you for alimony.

2) Has been unfaithful in the past

If you know she’s been unfaithful in the past, either with you or with other boyfriends, then you’re going to be constantly worrying if she’ll stay faithful this time. Every time she goes out without telling you where she is or when she says she’s spending the night with her girlfriends you’ll be wondering if she’s telling you the truth. There won’t be a lot of trust between you and she’ll feel resentment towards you because she’ll feel like you’re punishing her for past mistakes. This will lead to bigger problems and the relationship will be under strain which will leave both of you feeling unloved and unhappy.

3) Is narrow minded

Narrow minded people are difficult to deal with because they’re always judgmental which makes other people, including you, feel frustrated or bad. You don’t want to spend the rest of your life with someone who are always putting down others for being different and acting like their opinion is always right. This type of behavior becomes tiresome quickly and you’ll want to have a wife that’s fun and accepting of others. You’ll also worry that you’ll say or do something that she doesn’t agree with so you might hide some things from her which will put an emotional distance between the two of you.

4) Always sees the negative

Negative woman
Having a wife that always sees the negative is just as bad as having one that is narrow minded because it’s going to put a bad mood over the relationship. Over time this will affect you and you’ll start seeing things her way because it’s something you’ve gotten used to doing. This will take all the happiness out of life and you’ll find it hard to find things that you enjoy because you’ll automatically look for the bad parts of it. You’ll also see all the negative aspects of your wife, like her personality and her appearance, and the love you feel for her will fade until you wonder why you’re still married to her.

5) Only cares about herself

Being married to someone who only cares about themselves isn’t a healthy relationship and you’re going to spend the marriage feeling unloved. You’re going to be spending all of your time looking after her, helping her and listening to her but when you need support she won’t be there for you. You’re going to feel alone and will consider having an affair because you’ll be craving a relationship with someone who loves you and gives you attention. If you go through with it you’re going to be keeping secrets from her and the marriage will eventually break down.

6) Likes to impress the neighbors

A lot of people compare themselves to others and try to impress their neighbors so they can achieve higher social standings. Your wife is going to want to shop often so she has the newest fashion, gadgets and cars because these are things that will make the neighbors envy her. You don’t want to marry someone like this because it will put a strain on your finances and you’re going to feel like nothing you do or own is good enough.

7) Flirts with other men

Flirting with other men
Some women are faithful to their husbands but the miss the attention they used to get from men when they were single. If your partner seems to miss the attention and flirts with other men while telling you it doesn’t mean anything then she’s probably telling you the truth. She’s not attracted to these men but they make her feel sexy and desirable. If you’re the jealous type then you shouldn’t marry her because it’s going to bother you every time she flirts with other men and you’re going to start acting more possessive towards her which isn’t a good way to act.

8) Puts others ahead of you

You don’t want to marry a woman who puts others ahead of you all the time because that’s not going to build a strong, healthy relationship. It’s good for each of you to spend time apart with family and friends but there should be time that’s just for the two of you. If she’s more focused on her friends and treats you like an acquaintance then she’s probably not going to change after you’re married. You’re going to resent her lack of attention and there won’t be a closeness between you.

9) Mistakes drama for excitement

You never want to marry someone who mistakes drama for excitement because the marriage won’t last long. The good kind of excitement involves going somewhere new for a date, taking a trip as a couple, buying a house or starting a family. If she thinks fighting or gossiping is excitement then she’s going to be doing this a lot because it gives her a rush. You’re going to get fed up of her trying to get her excitement fix by causing trouble and you’ll end up divorcing her because you’ll realize you can find a woman who’s a better match for you.

10) Has trouble committing

If she has trouble with commitment then it might be a good idea to stay in a casual relationship instead of getting married. If the issue is her lack of sureness about the relationship she might change her mind if you give her some time and space then it could be the right decision to get married. If it’s her personality and she struggles with commitment in all parts of life then it’s going to be tough being married to her because you’ll have a hard time making important decisions together.

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