5 Natural ways to treat Erectile Dysfunction

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Erectile Dysfunction Erectile dysfunction is something that affects most men at some point in their lives. The way they deal with it differs; some become embarrassed and try to ignore it while others try do something about it. You can take medication for it like Viagra but there are also natural remedies that could help you.

1) Penis pump

Penis pumps are used to increase blood flow to the penis which helps men get an erection. They can be bought at adult stores or online and are easy to use. If you use it right before you have sex you’ll get the blood flowing and will find it easier to get an erection without worrying about letting your partner down. The effect is only temporary but it will help you satisfy your partner and it can be a solution you can use until you find one that works more permanently.

2) Red ginseng

You can buy it at most Asian supermarkets or health food stores and you can start taking it in small doses as part of your daily routine. You should talk to your doctor first to see how much of it you should be taking and because it has other medicinal benefits like treating fatigue you don’t have to tell him why you’re taking it. Take it for a while and see if it has an effect, if it doesn’t then you can always stop taking it.

3) Exercise and diet

People who are overweight tend to have high blood pressure and low energy levels because their body is working harder to keep up. By starting an exercise regime you’ll become physically fitter and all areas of your health will improve. You’ll have more endurance and your heart won’t be working as hard to pump blood so blood flow will be at the proper levels. Changing your diet and eating more fruits and vegetable will also have the same effect on your health because fried food clogs your arteries. By changing your lifestyle getting an erection will be easier and your sex drive will increase.

4) Acupuncture

Acupuncture works for some people and you might be one of them. It involves having acupuncture needles inserted in a certain way to relieve various ailments and ED is one of them. You need to see a specialist for this because you want someone who knows the best procedure for you. If acupuncture doesn’t work physically then it might help mentally by using a placebo effect; if you believe it works then your body might respond to it. If you’re not afraid of needles then this might be a treatment you can try and if it works then you might only need one or two sessions before you no longer have a problem getting an erection.

5) Abstinence

When you’re dealing with ED you not only have the physical issue but the emotional one. You’re embarrassed by it and stressed out because you feel like you’re not good enough for your partner. These emotions can make things worse because you’re focusing on it too much and psyching yourself out. Take a break from sex to show yourself that it’s not a big deal and that there are other things to do besides sex.

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