Sex advice for men: 13 Signs you are not having enough sex

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Not having enough Sex Men usually have a high sex drive but they don’t always have enough sex; either because they’re single or are in a relationship where sex has dwindled. When you go without sex for a while you’ll start acting differently; you’ll masturbate more often, you’re quicker to notice a sexy body and you’re more frustrated because you need a release. There are quite a few signs that can tell you if you’re sex life is active enough to satisfy you so see if you need to liven things up.

1) You masturbate more often

You’re going to masturbate more often because you’re not having enough sex and your body needs a release. Masturbation usually isn’t as satisfying as sex because you’re not interacting with someone and this will leave you feeling unfulfilled so you’ll masturbate more to compensate but your cravings won’t lessen. You’re going to keep on masturbating until it becomes a hobby or even an addiction and it won’t change until you start having sex regularly again.

2) You’re easily annoyed

Sexual frustration is real and the longer you go without sex the more on edge you’ll be. Little things will annoy you and your temper will be shorter because you have pent up desires and you’re not getting what you want. You’ll notice that you’re getting mad at friends and co-workers faster and everything seems like it’s going wrong.

3) You can’t stop thinking about sex

Guys think about sex a lot but when they’ve had a dry spell it’s going to be constantly on their minds. You’ll find it difficult to concentrate on things you normally do like work or relaxing at home and your mind will wander towards sex. You’ll lose track of time as you imagine a favorite fantasy or think about finding a hookup.

4) You can’t remember the last time you had sex

If you can’t remember the last time you had sex then it’s definitely been too long and you need to do something about it. Sex is part of having a healthy lifestyle and there are ways, like hookups sites or blind dates, to start having more sex if you need to make it a regular part of your life again.

Feeling sad

5) You feel sad and don’t know why

When you have sex your body releases endorphins which are mood boosters and are known for making you feel more happy and relaxed. If you’re feeling sad or listless then it might be from a lack of endorphins and you need to start having more sex to give yourself an energy rush.

6) You’re lacking confidence

There’s a societal idea that sex is tied to masculinity and when you’re not having sex often you’re going to feel like there’s something wrong with you. This will make you feel less confident about yourself and when you try to find a partner you’ll feel more nervous than usual which they’ll pick up on and you’ll be less successful at hooking up. This becomes a cycle and your sex life will continue to suffer until you regain your confidence.

7) You think about hooking up with an ex

When you’re desperate for sex and want to find someone quickly then you might start thinking about hooking up with an ex. You’ll think about who you’ve dated and figure out which ex is more likely to have a one night stand or friends with benefits situation with you. This could make things more complicated though because they might want to get back together again.

8) You’re jealous of your male friends

You’re going to be jealous of your male friends when you know they’re having sex with their girlfriends or are meeting women on hookup sites for sex because you’re not getting any and they are. You wish you were getting some action and will ignore them when they brag about what happened last night or will laugh and make a joke so it doesn’t seem important as a way to make yourself feel better.

Watching a lot of porn

9) You spend more time on porn sites

You’re going to browse the sites in your spare time, trying to get as much satisfaction as you can instead of going on non-sex related sites that you usually use. You’ll focus on the women and use it to fuel your fantasies to tide you over until you can liven up your sex life.

Aware of sexy women

10) You’re more aware of a woman’s sexy body

Men notice a sexy body easily whether they’re having sex or not but this awareness is more acute when you’re sex starved. Even women you wouldn’t normally find attractive will become appealing and you’ll notice all the things that make her sexy. You’ll convince yourself that she’s the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen and will catch yourself staring at her while wondering if she’ll go out with you.

11) You find reasons to be in contact with people

When you’re not having sex regularly you’re going to start missing physical contact and will find reasons to be close to people, even if it’s not sexual. You’ll crave human touch and will hug female friends more often, touch their arm when speaking to them and sit closer to them then you usually do. You want to be touched and you know this is the most you can get so you see it as better than nothing.

12) You get turned on by the smallest thing

The smallest thing will turn you on because your body is craving sex and your nerves are on edge so it’s easy to get you excited. It could be things like a stranger accidentally brushing against you in public, a short make out scene on TV, a woman wearing a sexy outfit or anything else that normally you wouldn’t even notice. You’ll try to ignore it but you won’t be able to stop focusing on it and the urge will build until you masturbate and get a bit of relief.

Masturbating with no motivation

13) You masturbate with no enthusiasm

When you’re not having sex often enough you’re going to masturbate to get your needs met and this will satisfy you for a while but over time it’s going to become boring because your body will get used to it. You’ll need someone to have sex with and since that’s what you really want you’re going to find masturbation less enjoyable and you’ll do it out of necessity. By doing it as part of your routine to get sexual relief you’re going to see it as a boring chore and it won’t keep you happy for long.

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