Why you shouldn’t drink too much when hooking up

July 5, 2016 Posted in Adult Dating Guide by No Comments

Don´t drink when Hooking Up It’s nerve wracking when you meet someone for the first time and a lot of people choose to break the ice by meeting somewhere public and having a couple of drinks. However, hooking up with someone new should be done with little to no drinking because it could cause you to do something you’ll regret.

Ugly men tend to go a bit heavy on the drinking when meeting a hot woman for the first time because they feel insecure about their looks. The alcohol makes them feel more confident and this leads to them saying things that they wouldn’t say while sober. You could be too crass or flirtatious, making her feel like a sex object who isn’t that important to you. This could lead to your date feeling insulted and ending things right then and there or it could lead to you not seeing them again. Women want to hook up with a man who treats them with respect and who they feel safe with.

Drinking too much can also lead to you going farther than you normally would have. You’ll have an idea of how the date will go but things don’t go to plan when you’re drunk. If you’re too touchy feely at the beginning of the date she might feel like you’re too aggressive and won’t go home with you. If you’re keep drinking back at your place then it could only get worse from there. She might be kinkier than you and could talk you into doing things you’re not comfortable with or you might be a bit too forceful with her which she might take the wrong way. Stay sober so you’re better able to respect her boundaries and make the night a great one.

One of the bad side effects of drinking too much aside from saying things and behaving inappropriately is not being able to remember everything clearly. This is especially true if you meet the person at a bar because you won’t have messages to look back on like you would if you had met on an adult dating site. You might forget their name or their contact information and this might be stuff that you’ll want to know. You’ll also need to remember if you used protection during sex or not because the last thing you want is to catch an STD.

The last but most important reason you shouldn’t drink too much when getting laid is that even though you’ve talked to the other person a few times they’re still a stranger. You need to remember this and be smart when meeting a stranger because you don’t know if they’ve been telling you the truth or not about who they are. She may seem non-threatening but women con artists can work with men and you could be setting yourself up for getting robbed. You need to stay sober so you can keep control of the situation.

Don´t be drinking all the time will help you avoid making mistakes such as saying things that are inappropriate and doing things that you wouldn’t normally do. Stick to one alcoholic drink so you can stay clear headed and make the night a great one that your hookup will want to experience again with you.

Katy Benett