7 Things You Learn About The Opposite Sex When Your Best Friend Is A Woman

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Your bff hates surprise dates It’s a lot easier getting to know someone when it’s a platonic love because there’s no sexual tension. When your bff is a woman you’ll learn a lot about the opposite sex and understand them better because you’re seeing them in a new way.

1) Women drink and go to strip clubs

When she’s comfortable with you she’s going to be more open about how she likes to have a good time. You probably think only men go out drinking at a bar then go to a strip club on a fun night out but women do this too. They’re not as open about it because it’s not ladylike but those nights out with her girlfriends sometimes involve knocking back shots and watching men strip for them.

2) Women hate surprise dates

You might think it’s nice being spontaneous and surprising your girlfriend with last minute date plans but see how your best friend reacts when her boyfriend does that to her. She’s not going to be happy because it feels like he had nothing better to do and he didn’t make an effort to make plans sooner. She’s also not going to like the fact that she hasn’t had time to pick out an outfit and make sure she looks good for the date.

3) Expressing emotions is good

Women tend to be more emotional than men and you’ll learn that this makes them feel happier and more relaxed because they’re not carrying around pent up emotions. This is why they have a reputation for always wanting to talk because it’s how they deal with things and feel like they’re taking care of issues that might get worse over time.

4) Women remember everything

Women are better at noticing details and remembering things than men are. During your friendship you’ll see her bring up things that happened ages ago and mention things that you haven’t noticed. This could be a rude look someone gave her and what someone said during a conversation. Women pay attention and have a natural ability to mentally file details away.

5) Personality is more important than looks

There will be times when your best female friend dates a guy and you’ll wonder why she’s with him because you think she can do better. You won’t be spending as much time with him as she does so you’ll be judging him mostly by looks whereas she knows what he’s like as a person. She’s dating him because she likes his personality and that’s what attracted her to him.

6) It’s not all about sex

Women find it easy to feel platonic love for someone of the opposite sex and it takes a lot for her to even consider taking things to the next level. They’re good at reading body language and don’t mistake simple gestures for flirting like some men tend to do. They know the difference between friendship and love and over time you’ll be able to see the differences like she does.

7) You don’t need to be jealous of your girlfriend’s male friends

There’s no need for your to get jealous of the men your girlfriend hangs out with because she feels about them the same way that you feel about your best female friend. If your male friends make jokes just remember what things are really like when men and women are friends with each other.

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