Move Beyond Casual Dating: 7 Tips for Choosing a Partner You Can Grow With

January 13, 2017 Posted in Adult Dating Guide by No Comments

Join adult dating sites to choose the right partner Sometimes when you join dating sites to find a hook up you don’t expect to fall in love and this can lead to you feeling empty. If you want a partner that you can grow with then take your time in choosing someone and start the relationship off on the right foot.

1) Take your time

Don’t rush into a relationship just because you’re ready to settle down. Going from a casual relationship to a serious one is a big step and you need to be emotionally and mentally ready for it. Think about what your ideal partner would be like then go out with a few people to see if you’re right about what you want. Pay attention on these dates and see if there are any other qualities or attitudes you’d like your partner to have.

2) Get to know them

Spend time with people and get to know them better so you know what they’re really like. If it’s real love then you’ll be spending the rest of your life with them so go on dates that give you an idea of what life would be like with them, such as doing their favorite hobby or sport.

3) Be open minded

Everyone has an idea of what their ideal partner is like but you might end up finding love with someone unexpected so be open minded. If you feel a spark with someone you normally wouldn’t date then explore it by asking them out. It might be just another hook up before you find the one or it could be the person you end up settling down with.

4) Look at their qualities

Look at their qualities, the good ones and the bad ones so you get a balanced idea of who they really are. Before you try to commit to them make sure that they’re someone you can live with and truly care about. If you think you’d get along great with them then tell them that you’d like to take the relationship to the next level.

5) Separate sex and emotions

There’s a difference between lust and love so learn to separate your feelings. Think about how you spend time with your partner because if it’s all about sex then it’s time to break up with them. If you enjoy being with them, have lots in common with them and they make you happy then it means it’s not a lust based relationship and there’s love between the two of you.

6) Be yourself

The person you end up with needs to like you for who you are otherwise the relationship will end because you’re not who they thought you were. There needs to be honesty between the two of you so don’t act fake to try to impress them. Be yourself around them and see if they try to change you because you want to be with someone who accepts you the way you are.

7) Talk about the future

Try to find out what their plans are for the future because if they’re looking for a casual relationship only then it’s a waste of time dating them. See what goals they have and whether or not they think about settling down with you. because you want to build a relationship with someone who’s on the same page as you.

Katy Benett