11 Ways to attract and date women who are out of your league

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unreachable woman
An unreachable woman is like that because she’s good looking and everyone wants her but that means she’s had a lifetime of men hitting on her. If you want to date women who are out of your league you need more than just physical attraction. You need to stand out from other men and you can do that by passing the confidence test, being genuine and showing her that you like her for more than just her looks.

1) Approach her with respect

All women are used to men approaching them with crude comments or cheesy pick-up lines and that makes them get defensive when someone tries to flirt with them. You don’t want her to do this with you so approach her with respect so she’ll see you’re not like other guys. She wants to date a gentleman so be friendly but laidback because she’ll lose interest if you come on too strong. Introduce yourself and get the conversation going but don’t dominate it because you want her to feel comfortable around you.

2) Pass the confidence test

Passing the Confidence Test
An unreachable woman is like that because she’s better than the rest and can have her pick of men. She wants a strong, confident man so you need to pass the confidence test to get her attention. Don’t be nervous about talking to her because you might fixate on the fact that she’s out of your league and this will throw off your confidence. Instead keep calm and tell yourself that you’re just as good as anyone else and don’t get arrogant. Show your confidence by walking up to her, making eye contact and starting the conversation.

3) Take her seriously

Women, especially beautiful ones, are used to not being taken seriously because a lot of people associate pretty people with being dumb. If you take her seriously and don’t fall for stereotypes she’ll notice the way you treat her and will appreciate it. Don’t talk down to her and treat her like an equal so she feels respected by you. She’s going to react more positively towards you if you do this and will have a better chance at getting her to go out with you.

4) Make eye contact and use body language

Eye contact
Making eye contact and using the right kind of body language will make her feel comfortable with you and putting her at ease means she’ll want to spend more time with you. The right kind of body language is giving her space so she doesn’t feel pressure from you using appropriate touches like a light touch on her arm and leaning close to show you’re interested in what she has to say. This will make the experience more friendly and relaxed which means she won’t see you as a creepy, desperate guy.

5) Don’t be pushy

She’s going to be wary of men and will shut you down if you’re too pushy with her. She probably wants to get to know you before deciding whether or not to go out with you so start things off by having a casual conversation. Make it clear that you’re interested in her but don’t make the entire conversation about flirting with her. If she seems like she’s busy or getting bored excuse yourself, give her some time and gently try again later because she might change her mind.

6) Increase your physical attraction

Physical Attraction
You can increase your physical attraction to become the type of man that she wants to date. This means getting into a regular exercise routine, eating healthy, taking care of your appearance by shaving and going for haircuts and wearing flattering clothes. These habits are good to have because you’ll get used to living that way and when you do date an unreachable woman she won’t feel like you were just pretending to be a catch in order to date her.

7) Be genuine

Women want to date a guy who’s genuine so when you first meet her don’t try to impress her by bragging about the great job you have or the expensive thing you just bought. You want her to see your personality so be yourself because that’s what she wants to know about you. Before talking to her come up with a good introduction and a few conversation topics such as hobbies or your weekend plans so you’re prepared. This will make you feel more confident and she’ll see you as a guy who has depth.

8) Avoid pick-up lines

Most guys use pick-up lines and most of them sound cheesy which will make her lose interest fast. It’s better if you take a more direct approach and say something simple like “Hi, I’m John.” This will help you avoid the awkwardness of pick-up lines and by telling her your name you’re revealing something personal and she’ll be more likely to reply back. The direct approach is more mature and she’ll be more open with you because she’s not thinking you’re a desperate guy reciting a pick-up line he’s said a million times before.

9) Don’t treat her like an unreachable woman

An unreachable woman has had lots of experience with men who are too shy to talk to her but will stare at her across the room or men who act apologetic when talking to her by saying they know they’re not good enough for someone like her but are taking a chance anyways. These guys are easy for her to overlook and forget about so don’t treat her this way. You need to treat her like you would any other woman because that’s how she wants to be treated.

10) Get to know her

You need to take things slow and spend time getting to know her because she’s used to thinking that men are only nice to her because she’s good looking and they want to sleep with her. If you make an effort to get to know her and not rush into sex you’re going to show her that you like her for who she is and that’s something that she’ll love. This will make you the type of guy she wants to date but rarely gets to meet which will increase your chances of dating her.

11) Let her set the pace

Set the Pace
Letting her set the pace will make her more likely to date you because you’re not controlling or pushy. Don’t pressure her into dating you and after you give her your information tell her that you’d love to date her then ask her to name the time and place if she’s interested but that you understand if she isn’t. She’ll feel more in control and see you as a good match for her because you’re willing to act like a gentleman.

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