5 Major reasons why women fake orgasms

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Fake Orgasms A lot of women will fake orgasms at some point in their life. Each woman will have a different reason for doing this but there are some that are more likely than other.

1) It’s harder to have a real one

It’s harder for women to have an orgasm than it is for men and some women can only come from clit stimulation instead of through sex. They need more stimulation, especially in the clit area and she’ll feel embarrassed to tell her man that she needs more attention. To avoid having an awkward conversation or trying to change style during sex she’ll fake an orgasm instead of working harder for a real one.

2) They want to finish sex sooner

There are times when a woman knows that sex isn’t going to end with her having an orgasm so faked orgasms are used to help finish sex sooner. Men are going to feel like there’s something wrong if she doesn’t have an orgasm and will try different things to help get her off which can make sex feel like it’s dragging on. She knows that once she finishes he’s likely to finish soon because he’ll no longer feel like he needs to make an effort at pleasing her.

3) They don’t want to upset their partner

If you’re in a long term relationship then the last thing you want to do is hurt your partner’s feelings, especially if it’s about sex since that’s a big part of a relationship. Women want their men to feel good about themselves and to think that they have a good sex life so women will use faked orgasms to make them feel like they have that. They also think that if they tell their partner that they can’t orgasm during sex that their partner will think they’re not interested in them anymore or that there’s something wrong with them. All of that can be avoided with unreal orgasms so that’s what she’ll do.

4) Their partner isn’t good at sex

Some people just aren’t good at sex and they never know because no one tells them. Nearly every woman has slept with a man who either had bad style or he was so focused on his own needs that she was left feeling unsatisfied. Women get out of this situation by using fake orgasms and she might try to give you clues on what she likes by being noisier when you do something she likes. Listen to her during sex so you can tell when she’s genuinely happy and when she’s just trying to show what she likes so you can do it more often.

5) Sex is taking too long

Sometimes sex takes too long and one person starts to lose interest during it because the other person isn’t doing a good enough job of satisfying them or they have something else they need to do. If this happens then a woman might fake an orgasm because she doesn’t know how to fix the situation and there’s an idea that both people should orgasm at the end of sex.

Katy Benett