The 6 types of girls every guy is guaranteed to encounter in a big city

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Flirting with a party Girl Adult dating sites like Victoria Milan have thousands of girls on them, especially when you’re searching in a big city. You’ll find lots of different types too, from the model girl to the career woman, so you’ll be able to find the one that’s perfect for you.

1) Model girl

All of her pictures will be perfect and you’ll be hoping that she replies to your message. She wants a man that’s as good looking as she is and will have her perfect man described on her profile because she won’t want time wasters contacting her. She’ll want to spend time exchanging messages before deciding to meet and will move on if she thinks you’re not serious enough.

2) Career woman

This woman is focused on her career and wants to meet a smart, successful man. You need to be a hard worker who isn’t afraid to date a woman who’s your equal. She’s confident and knows what she wants in life so she won’t rush into a relationship and dating will be second to her work schedule.

3) Desperate girl

These types of girls are easy to spot because they won’t post too many pictures and are willing to meet straight away. They’re usually not attractive looking or are overweight. They’re good if you want a one night stand but they can be clingy if you let them get too close to you. She gets emotionally involved fast and will do anything to keep you interested in her.

4) Party girl

The party girl is active on multiple adult dating sites like AdultFriendFinder because she’s always looking to have fun and gets bored easily when going out with the same guy. She likes to go clubbing and drinking as well as having hook ups but won’t want a relationship that’s too serious. You need to make sure that you’re okay with being just another guy in her life before dating her because she’s unlikely to change.

5) Looking for love girl

Some girls on adult dating sites are looking for love and want a man who is willing to commit to a long term relationship. She might be ready to get married and start a family or she might be a single mom who’s looking for a man she can rely on. She’ll make an effort to make the relationship work and will decide early on if you’re the right man for her because she doesn’t want to waste time.

6) Hook up girl

This girl doesn’t want a relationship and will use hook ups as a way of satisfying her sexual desires. She’ll want to keep things casual and discreet so everything will be on her terms. She’ll let you know when she wants to meet and how often because she’s independent and you’re a very small part of her life.

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