7 Best Topics To Talk About With A Woman

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Things to do when boredA great conversation is one of those things to do when bored that can help you get to know your potential partner better or can make them see that you’re capable of being interesting or thoughtful. Talking can be the way you share your passion or goals and build a connection between each other.

1) Entertainment

Entertainment is a great topic because it covers many areas like celebrities, movies, music and art. Everyone is interested in at least one of these things so ask her what she enjoys. A way to make an even stronger connection is to find out exactly why she enjoys it because it’s usually an emotion like happiness or it makes her remember something good from the past and sharing this will make her feel close to you.

2) Traveling

Traveling is a passion for a lot of people so see if it’s something she does. Ask about where she took her last vacation and where she would like to travel to next. The two of you could have fun by planning an imaginary trip together like imagining what a romantic trip to Paris would be like.

3) Hobbies

Find out what her hobbies are and see if you have any in common. Not only will this help you get to know her better but it will also give you ideas for date nights. You could also tell her your favorite hobby and offer to teach her it if it’s something new for her.

4) Life goals

Get to know her better by finding out what her life goals are. Does she want to start a family or advance in her career? If you know what’s important to her it’ll be easier for you to decide if she’s the type of woman that’s right for you. This topic also leads to lots of other questions because you’ll get new information about her and can explore her desires further.

5) Career goals

There’s a good chance she’s currently working and it’s a big part of life so talk to her about it. She might enjoy her job or be working towards a promotion. If that’s the case then it’ll be something she’ll want to talk about it and it’ll make her feel good that she can share this with you. Be supportive and show her that you care about her future by encouraging her to achieve her goals.

6) Relaxation techniques

The things you do when relaxing are different from hobbies because they tend to be less active like reading or taking a bubble bath. Ask her how she likes to relax because this will make her feel safe and calm because these emotions are what she feels when she’s actually doing it and thinking about it will make her feel a similar way. This will put her defenses down and she’ll want to spend more time with you.

7) Pets

Animals tend to make people feel good so even if she doesn’t have pets you can still talk about them. Ask her if she has any now and whether she had any as a child. If she doesn’t have any then ask her what pet she’d choose if she could have anyone that she wanted. Tell her about any pets you’ve had as well because it’ll show her that you’ve got a gentle side which is an attraction for many women.

Katy Benett