The 8 most common lies women tell men in a relationship

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What lies women tell men in a relationship Women tell lies if they think it’ll help make a good impression. If you meet them on adult dating sites then you might come across an overweight woman claiming to be curvy or if you meet them in person they may pretend to be just friends with someone so you think they’re single. There’s also a few other lies that men need to be aware of before starting a relationship.

1) How old they are

Men have a reputation for liking younger women and everyone knows this which is why women will knock a couple of years off their age. They’ll round down to the nearest number to appear younger, so a woman in her late 20’s will try to pass for 25 while a woman in her mid-30’s will try to pass for her late 20’s.

2) They’re just friends with their male friend

Women won’t want to scare you off by having you think there’s something going on with their male friend so they’ll tell you they’re just friends. They might be but they might have another type of relationship going on like being friends with benefits. You need to see how they act around each other to see just how close they really are.

3) They’re single

Women will tell you they’re single if they’re in a casual relationship or think they might breakup with their boyfriend soon because they want time to see if they’re attracted to you. If she cancels plans with you last minute or seems distracted then she might be lying about being single.

4) You’re different

She’s going to tell you that you’re different than the other guys she’s gone out with because she wants you to feel special and to think she acts differently around you. She’ll never admit that you’re not the first guy she’s slept with after a first date or that she enjoys kinky sex because her ex showed her how good it could be.

5) How many guys they’ve been with

No one admits to how many people they’ve had sex with because they don’t want to seem easy and it’s more acceptable in society for men to have multiple sex partners while women should only have one or two. She’ll see how high your number is first then round hers down so you come across as being more experienced.

6) How often they date

Dating a lot can make you look easy so women will lie about how often they do it. She’ll tell you you’re the first guy she’s been out with in a while because she wasn’t over her ex yet but really she’s been dating other guys and doesn’t consider them to be serious relationships so doesn’t count them.

7) They’re curvy

You need to look at her pictures carefully and see how recent they look to see if she really is curvy or if she’s trying to get you interested in her before telling you the truth.

8) They can take care of themselves

Equality between the sexes is being more common and women like to say they’re strong and can look after themselves because they can. However, they also like to be wooed by their boyfriend and treated nicely. They want you to hold open doors and pay for dates because that’s part of dating and romance.

Katy Benett