5 Reasons you should date a divorced woman

June 29, 2016 Posted in Adult Dating Guide by No Comments

Beautiful divorced women There are a couple of different types of single ladies: divorced ones, widowed ones, ones that are going through a break up and ones who claim to be single because they’re looking to have an affair. You might not care about which type you hook up with but there are a few good reasons why you should consider beautiful women who are divorced.

1) She’s single

With divorced women you know that she’s single and available to meet whenever you want instead of her having to delay things until she can sneak away from her boyfriend. You’ll be getting all of her attention and the security in knowing that she’s not interested in anyone else but you. Being single means she’ll need someone to satisfy her and that person could be you if you’re able to grab her interest. There’s a level of freedom and spontaneity that you can’t get with a woman who’s trying to have an affair which will make things go easier for you.

2) She’s not ready for something serious

Pretty women can have anyone they want and when they’ve left a relationship they want to play the field a bit instead of settling down again so soon. She’ll be looking for a casual relationship or a one night stand so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of being in a committed relationship. You could take the approach of caring about her by saying that you want to take things slow and not rush into anything. This will make you seem like a sweet guy while also letting her know that being fuck buddies is fine with you.

3) She knows what she wants

Divorced women are experienced with men and sex and they know what they want. They’ll know what type of relationship they want and the type of guy they want so they won’t be wasting your time while trying to figure out if they like you. They’re also not going to want to waste time having bad sex and they’ll be more than willing to tell and show you all the dirty things they like. She’ll also know how she wants you to touch her and she can spend all night showing you how to make her cum hard then beg for more.

4) She has realistic expectations

Divorced women have realistic expectations from men because they’ve had lots of experience. They don’t expect you to be perfect or to look like a male model. They also can appreciate the simple things in life like going for a quiet dinner or a walk in the park because they know how nice those things can be. As long as you make an effort with your appearance and treat them with respect they’ll consider going out with you.

5) She wants excitement

Single ladies want excitement and fun in their lives, especially if they’ve just gone through a break up. These women are likely to want to try new sexual things like positions or toys. She’ll want things that she didn’t get from her ex and usually sex goes downhill as a relationship comes to an end.

Katy Benett