9 Ways to tell if your girlfriend is bisexual and proud of it. Should you be worried?

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Bisexual Girlfriend
People are becoming more comfortable with their sexuality and you might be wondering if your girlfriend is bi-curious or bisexual. If she’s not open about it then there are some ways that you can still find out. These could be subtle things like her noticing the sex appeal of other women or more obvious things like wearing a bracelet or pin with the bisexual flag on it. There’s nothing wrong with this, she still loves you and it could mean she might be open to trying new things in the bedroom.

1) You notice her checking out women

If she’s not open about being bi-curious or bisexual then pay attention to her body language when she’s around other women. Does she check out women like she does men? That’s a good sign that she’s interested in them and this is a good thing because you can casually mention you saw her checking out an attractive woman and that you liked what you saw. This lets her know you’re okay with it and this could lead to one of you suggesting a threesome. It’s normal to find other people attractive regardless of their gender and she can’t help the way she feels.

2) She notices women’s sex appeal

Women's sex appeal
She might only talk about the sex appeal some women have and if you don’t listen then you might think she’s making a casual comment. Women notice attractive women but if your girlfriend is all about the small details like the way the women’s hair or nails are styled, the way she walks or talk then it’s more than just an observation. She’s paying close attention to the woman’s sex appeal and is thinking about it because it’s turning her on. This doesn’t change how she feels about you because she likes you for one reason and this woman for a different reason. It takes nothing away from her love for you and she’s just exploring another part of her sexual interest.

3) Her attraction to women is more than just a crush

Her Attraction to Women
It’s normal for women to have girlfriends and even crushes on other women but she’s definitely bi-curious if her feelings go deeper than that. She’ll hint at wanting to get to spend quality time with them to get to know them better and you get the feeling that she wants her as more than just a friend. This is a good thing because it shows that she’s open-minded and she may want to explore her desires. She’ll also be more likely accepting of any desires you have that you haven’t told her about yet.

4) She hints about wanting to be with another woman

She’ll drop hints about wanting to be with another woman to see how you respond to it. She might be afraid of your reaction so won’t come out and say it, instead she’ll jokingly say that maybe she’ll surprise you one day with a threesome or she’ll point out an attractive woman and say she’s the type of woman she’d date. She’s testing the water and if you’re supportive then over time she may become more open about her desire to be with another woman. Don’t pressure her about it because she’s not ready to tell you what she wants and might need more time to get comfortable with the idea.

5) She’s interested in lesbian porn

Watching Lesbian Porn
Some couples watch porn together and if she’s interested in women then you’ll notice that most of the videos she wants to watch involve lesbians. She might be doing this to turn you on but there’s also a good chance that she’s watching it because it’s what she likes. She’ll have favorite videos she likes to watch and they’ll turn her on more than she usually is because she’s watching what she secretly desires. She loves having sex with you but her interests go beyond men and women can make her just as satisfied.

6) She discretely shows off the bisexual flag

The bisexual flag has three rectangles of color: pink, purple and blue. People who are bisexual but want to be discreet about it will wear the bisexual flag in ways that other bisexual people will notice it but people who aren’t familiar with won’t pay it much attention. This could be worn on a bracelet, pin or necklace and if your girlfriend has a piece of jewelry like this then it could be her way of being open about her orientation. She likes knowing that it’s mainly other like-minded people who will know what it means and it can be a safe, quiet way for her to meet people who understand her.

7) She’s interested in a particular woman

Interested in a particular girl
Her bi-curious nature might be piqued if you notice her being interested in a particular woman. She’ll be spending more time with her and talking about her non-stop and it seems different than the way she acts about her other girlfriends. She’ll go out of her way to get this woman’s attention, either by suggesting they go out as friends or by being helpful because she wants to make a connection. You don’t need to worry about this because you’re still the person she’s dating and hasn’t expressed an interest in breaking up with you.

8) Her past experiences or fantasies involve women

Couples talk about their past experiences so you can use this as a way to find out if she’s ever been with another woman before. She might be shy about it so share a few of your sexual experiences first then ask her by saying you find it really sexy thinking about her being a naughty girl and ask if she’s ever been with another woman. This will make her feel safe enough to tell you something that personal. You could also do something similar by talking about your sexual fantasies instead of actual experiences.

9) She’s open about being bi-curious

You need to make sure you don’t do it in a judgmental way because she might think you have a problem with it, instead be casual and if she says she is then be supportive. It doesn’t change who she is, it’s part of who she is and she’s the same person you fell in love with. Now that you know more about her you can ask her if there’s anything she wants you to do differently or if there’s anything you can do to be more supportive.

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